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:: Menconteng warna di muka October 27, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in HObby/Interest.

I tried uploading a video of myself doing my make-up on Youtube yesterday. Unfortunately, the video was blocked because it contained copyrighted material. Youtube offered to do an audio swap but that would mean having to change the text on the clip itself. Darn!


I keep my stuff in a little red Tula bag. In the front pocket are the eyelash curler, manicure stick, fake eyelashes, extra sponge, leftover face mask, extra contact lense, eye-glue.


Wipes, tissue, mini-sets, eye-shadows.


Lipstick, lip gloss (Jet gave me the gold one), brushes, blusher, loose powder, eye liner, mascara (need new blue one)


Mini sets – from Father and Mother



1. daju - October 28, 2008

banyaknyeee…try la upload lg..
so that i can learn from you..
i sangatlah tak experience kan..bab2 “conteng warna di muka ini”

2. mossavi - October 29, 2008

Mamma Mia ……….. you have a beauty saloon there Min dear …. aunty pun takde make-up sebanyak tu hehehe …. just lipgloss, pressed powder, eye-liner/pencil, eye-shadow. The end.

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