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:: Thats Life October 27, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Wow. This is like what.. my 4th post in a day. Also my 1600 post in 2 years. Maybe I should consider blogging as a serious thing. Meaning self-hosted domain and stuff. A space of which I can ramble and complain like I have no care in the world. What with most of my friends slipping off the cyber radar one by one – a new stage of life, falling in love, going for induction, busy with studies. Some missing without a trace. Soon… very soon, I might just disappear into thin air myself. *Poof* Oh well.. Thats Life. Ha ha ha.


If only I’ve got my shipping boxes.. then at least I get to rummage the contents gleefully for I know I’ve packed very interesting things in there. Like my CD/DVD collection, cute items, souvenirs, my cow stuff, my books!

But for now I have to find entertainment in TV3 because all the other channels are fuzzy. Bad transmissions. Or entertain myself with playing Blood Games online. Otherwise, it’ll be adding little baits of words to my neverending Malay E-Novels and English publications. I have like 3 fictions and 2 rather ‘serious’ works in progress. Will probably never get published onto my blog unless a miracle happens and I could write and write like JK Rowling. Apart from trying to be creative, it’s also about playing the domestic goddess.

The ‘I want to be fit’ goal on the other hand has yet to be started. Too hotlah, hujan lah, banyak sangat orang lah, anjing kejar lah.. hmphh.




1. miyaki - October 28, 2008

haritu bbrp hari post raya, try pasang dvd cindy crawford tu, tp nape ntah player tu tamo work
so tak jd la hari yg berkenaan tu
smp skang tak try lagi, haha

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