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:: Me no Doralin October 31, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

KKM thinks Im Doralin. They think I can pack a suitcase in less than 24 hours for 3 weeks of BTN and Induction. Now where’s my alleged letter? The ministry is driving me crazy. And to think that I’ll be getting my ‘posting letter’ at the end of the whole thing. If I betul2 kena campak kat sana canne?

Then you are so going to hear me yak yak yak and yak.

Me no Doralin. Me no pocket.

Anyway, I’ve started getting some stuff for The Diva’s Suitcase.

Some socks (susahnya nak cari over the ankle punya), sport shoes ( I can feel a bad memory creeping in, story later ya), cikai lingerie (no way am I risking bringing my pretty ones to the camp, manusia tangan panjang belaka), extra anak tudung (just in case my head gets dunk in the mud), travel-size contact lense solution (im so not going as Betty).

Dad gave me his mini toileteries stuff – shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, lip balm.

My standbys (things im still using but will be bringing); SUNBLOCK, mini anti-pucat cosmetics etc..

As of tomorrow morning, my fitness instructor a.k.a. Bro D will take me around the neighbourhood for a little cardio workout. Warghhh.. mim alif lam sin.



1. kakfiza - November 1, 2008

uit makcik..esk ke nk pegi BTN???

2. Zy - November 1, 2008

3 weeks? my god!

3. hafiz - November 1, 2008

Llama tak komen di sini. lamanya BTN, I would be extremely exhausted and bored if the BTN is this long….

4. Minci 先生 - November 1, 2008

BTN (seminggu) + induksi = 3 minggu
eh.. mana der esok.. ini namanya membebel sensorang akan possibilty yang akan terjadi..
what i write today doesnt mean it happen yesterday, tomorrow or if it really happened at all.. miahahaha

5. ahmad fadzli (tempe1543) - November 2, 2008

btn tu nnt byk fizikal… tp induksi tu agak boring ler sbb dgr lecture pasal admin aspect of berkhidmat ngan gomen, tp kena dgr gak coz ada assignment and exam bila habis…. time aku siap ader public speaking kena buat, cakap for half an hour sorang…. tergagap2 aku…

6. Minci 先生 - November 2, 2008

i hate public speakinggggggggggg

7. adiratna - November 2, 2008


Pretend that everything is happening,

1. BTN adalah khas untuk mereka yang kurang negarawan dan kurang penghayatan as I mentioned to one of my lady classmate not long ago. But, it is better than kurang asam..

2. Tak tahu pulak nak berkhidmat dengan kerajaan kena gi BTN dan induction sebegitu rupa? So I have to be prepared as well as I went for an interview not long ago for KKR and the result will be out at the mid of this month. Really ah need to go? Oo.. if only I consider to give service la? But for those yang dah lama kerja, ini kira macam holiday la kut?

3. Workout early will be good as an early prep. Jangan jadi macam bebudak group aku yang menyusahkan aku sebab nak kena mandikan diorang, pakaikan baju dll sebab tak mampu nak angkat tangan bila dah asyik kena pumping. Hahahah…

8. mangoandjojoba - November 2, 2008

yup..i’m still waiting for my letter tooo… postman cuti deepavali lg agaknyer.. btw, i know my date already. Call KKM last week. eager punyer pasal la kan hahahaha.. mine is on the 17th, but tmpt x tau lagi. So assuming we’ll be in the same slot, urs should be around that date too (ntah2 same tmpt, ko pon blom dpt letter lg kan? kan? kan?) hehehehe….

9. Minci 先生 - November 2, 2008

‘kurang asam’ is like how? ha ha ha.mmg tgh worlout early lah aku nih
tapi very der dramatiklah tk dpt nk angkat tangan sbb pumping byk sgt.. miahahaha

i kinda figured that u’d be eager to know.. ha ha ha
yah, i think u, me n jet may get the same dates.. he he
and yah, aku blm dpt suratan takdir.. 😛

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