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:: Jogging disaster November 2, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

In preparation for my BTN, I thought I’d start off the month of November (yesterday) by doing a bit of exercise. And boy it was a beautiful disaster.

7am. Bro D and I decided to jog around the neighbourhood. My part of USJ is pretty small actually and I had thought that I’d be able to at least complete half a ‘lap’ and walk for the rest.

We did some warming up, stretching and went off our way. Just 15 seconds into the jog I felt my body heated up almost instantly. ‘something is wrong’ I told myself. When Bro D paced up to which I thought was way too quickly, I couldnt help wondering that ‘something is going to happen’. I know that I have not actively exercised for a while but I know that I couldnt be thattttttt ‘pancit’.

I continued to jog. Very slowly. And about 4 songs later, I’ve completed about three-quarter of the distance. By this time, I was already on that stretch of tar in front of my house row, facing the main road.

Bodily reaction
While walking back home, I felt light-headed and slightly nauseous. I recognized this symptom. I’ve had this before in Banting and I recalled that I could faint anytime. So I just stopped there at the side of the road and then sat down. Bro D was already at the gate waiting for me.

I had no energy to call out to him and really just hoped that he could see that something was wrong.

In the meantime, at home..

MOther : Where’s kakak?
Bro D : She was behind me
Mother : Eyyy.. go find her.. mana tau dia pengsan..

Wisely said Mother. Bro D saw me sat down helplessly by the road. He went up to me. I was already longlai. A few cars passed by. Not one stopped. Maybe I was too little to be noticed. Or maybe they thought I was nearly curled up on the ground because I was doing yoga? Or their minds were just too focused on finding nasi lemak for breakfast.

I was relieved when Bro D arrived. He asked if I was alright. I couldnt answer. Its that feeling where you just feel a bit cold and distant. Only then I remembered that I didnt take my dinner the previous night. And my last proper meal was probably before 4pm. I only had liquids after that. Yah.. anorexic.

I lay down. Yup, on that sandy grassy area near the roads curb. My autonomic nerves must have gone haywire for I felt that I could easily defacated or urinated there if I havent persisted on gaining control as much as I can. Too bad I couldnt control my stomach. I retched a couple of times before acidic vomitus exploded from my oral orifice. It also went out my nose! urghh.. I was covered with vomitus. Clear stinky smelling vomitus.

But I felt better and my mind was ‘clearer’.

5 minutes later I could stand up and walk home. And got nagged by Mother. Huhu



1. kakfiza - November 2, 2008

very the funny, u makes me worry too
nmpaknye kene berdikit2 drpd skang

gud luck kamen!!

2. Minci 先生 - November 2, 2008

memang kelakar sebenarnya.. ha ha ha
adik aku blh ingat aku kena serangan asma
i was like.. what? asthma?
and then he said parents aku cakap aku ada asma..
omg.. like..sejak bila?? ha ha ha

3. mossavi - November 3, 2008

Gosh ….. hati hati next time Min ….

4. adiratna - November 3, 2008

hahahaha… it was a sign of unfit. But if you experience those vomitting sequel, it is a good thing to happen. Your fatigue threshold was reached and being push higher. You will be better and freshened after vommitting though.

5. jet - November 8, 2008

wei..welkam to the club..working out..stamina kena ada bukan utk btn relly, tapi utk keje nnt..brekfes la kamen..if u are going to workout, prepare ur body way before..seperti minum byk fluids the day before..dan kalu jog pagi, makan brekfes at least 1 hr before, tu pon kalu brekfes yg x oily..kalu oily brekfes, kasik dua jam, baru jog…ok..next time, prepare ur body fes hah..nanti i sebat u..

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