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:: Senja Nan Merah November 3, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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Sumbangsih was an annual event held in school organized traditionally by the Fifth Formers. Its like a little funfair over the weekend where you have food and drink stalls, haunted houses ( creepy though because there have been incindent reports where one claim to have seen an extra student posing as a ghost ) and talent competitions – beauty pagents, singing and dance.

Sometimes, students from other schools are invited to this Sumbangsih.

MOney raised from this event would almost always be donated to the school to be spent on a cause beneficial to all. Its like a token of appreciation from the SPM candidates to the school for moulding them in becoming the countries Little Women.

I’ve always loved the Talent Competitions. I’ve entered quite a few and ha ha ha ha.. nantilah cerita. Macam bodoh pun ada. Ngeee…

Anyway.. SEnja Nan Merah was a winners song for my batch. I think I was in Form 2. We had a songbird in our year who has Ziana Zains voice and when this track came out, we were fortunate to have got another talent in our year who can sing a bit like Awie (she’s a girl by the way). They won first place effortlessly. People just knew that they’ll win. He he he.

Song : Senja Nan Merah
Artist : Awie & Ziana Zain

Lets karaoke bebeh. Fiza, angkat mic!!!


1. 13may - November 3, 2008

join karaoke?? hehe hehhe

2. kakfiza - November 4, 2008

alaa..sore kamen sedap takpela
smpai jadi recording artis wasaii studio

3. Minci 先生 - November 5, 2008

tak nak ok… nanti keupayaan aku tercabar.. muahaha

wahaha.. lama tk recording sore.. aku ingat nk buat video clip lah.. hehehe
by the way, do onl9.. aku nk korek citer kau skit.. profile kau dlm bukumuka is like interesting

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