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:: What I think of Anugerah Skrin 2008 November 8, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events, Movie/TV Reviews.

Of all the drama and films nominated, I only watched one from start to finish – Tuhan Pun Tahu. So I was thrilled that Que Haidar and Normah Damanhuri won Best supporting Actor/Actresses respectively. Berkesan woo.. meremang bulu roma I tengok diorg berlakon. Congratulations to both.


Some people are just so good in what they do

Eventhough Aznil was not the main EmCee for the show, I felt happier seeing him and Zulhuzaimy doing their little part in announcing the nominees for their categories. The ‘siapa nama awak’ thing was so cute and they were both like ‘Wow, I suka’. The Fasha Sandha voice.. ha ha ha. How true.

Wish he could just take over Adlin and Nurul and host the show by himself. Ha ha.

People should stick at what they do best and there are reasons why you dont succeed if you try something else
Though Datuk Dr Sheikh Muzaffar is The Astronaut, I just think that people should try and leave him out of showbiz. I remembered him being on NOna as a special guest. OMG.. an hour of agony. More like kesian for him. Why are you doing this to him? Dont *tangan terkapai2 ibarat memburu lalat* humiliate him by forcing him to appear like a TV personality. Its like too fake.

While its nice and salivating to see my two Putra’s (Ady & Ery) on stage, I’d wish all four would just stop SINGING  after 3 minutes. Borrring. Sorry. I thought Ady Putra looked very polished (nice though) and as for Ery.. ha ha ha. Tgk muka pun rasa nak gelak. Its because Im reminded of his acting in Sutera Maya as Adrien. Matilah kena ajuk adik aku setiap kali dia cakap. Still he should keep on acting and forget about going on a singing career. Just because you can sing a tune, doesnt mean you have that X-factor in becoming a singer. Nyanyi skit2 bolehlah.. tapi 3 minit je tau. Heh.

Adibah Noor and Lah Ahmad doing a cover on Anuar Zain’s song was a big NO-NO. It was like.. helloooo. Some people said it was mengagumkan.. but why am I not thinking on the same plane?

You should hear me complaining throughout the song. I even muted the TV as a sign of protest of the duo for spoiling the track because I couldnt stand it!! They are undeniably fantastic singers but ntahlah.. there are some songs that you dont do covers of because the original is already at its best!

Speaking of Best, Jaclyn Victor was awesome.

Though I couldnt help noticing the shimmering bulging apples of her chest during camera close-up, the outfit and voice was just ‘Wow, I suka’. She had me singing along as well, ‘Pilihlah aku jadi pacarmuuuuuu’.. I missed the earlier part of this show, so I have no idea how Nicky and Faisal Tahir performed.

And how could I not say something about my Siti Nurhaliza. I wish I could say she was the best but the dance choreography kinda spoilt it. Very distracting in an annoying way. One particular dancer was like so over in hayuning that long hair tocang that I felt like pulling her off the stage and rakusly rip the head gear off her. I get it, the song is Wanita and the show is Anugerah Skrin, hence the gemalai and theatrical dancing performance.. but the dance moves were just too awkward. Up to a point, very scary, belut-y and Ju-On like. Thankfully the cameras close-up on Siti quite often. So her beauty kind of cools down the temptation to just keep cursing at that one over the top dancer. Siti’s performance of Tari Tualang Tiga in previous Anugerah Skrin is still the best.

She’s so cantik.

In Anugerah Khas Juri, the montage started by showing clips of M Rajoli and I had thought that he was going to get it especially with him currently taken ill and all that. Halfway through there were clips of Yasmin Ahmad and I was like ‘Eh.. dua orang ke dapat?’. It was only clear of who was to receive the award after further mentionings. Lemah ok visual. I tak gemar.

Zoom a bit more on the guests – Yalah, I want to see what the young couples wear. Sedondon ke tak. Cantik ke tak.Like

  • Zamarulhisham and Diana Rafar
  • Ikram Dinzly and Fouziah Gous
  • Fizz Fairus and Almy Nadia
  • Norman Hakim and Memey Suhaiza
  • Momok Khayalan and Minci

Oklah. Thats all. My blog, my opinion.



1. 13may - November 8, 2008

bila masa ada anugerah screen nih???

2. jet - November 8, 2008

hahah..tegelak aku kat 13may ni..

oh..kamen..aku x tgk lgsg pon, lambang menyampah tros-meneros..bukan hobi la tgk anugerah2 ni..xle tgk..elergik..sepi..

oh..dan yeh..ery putra tuh, sebenanye sing dolu bru jadi pelakon..aku xleh tgk die..mengingatkan aku tentang negeri bawah bayu..ish..

mampos sume bende xle tgk..

3. Minci 先生 - November 8, 2008

esok ok esok.. ni kira premonition aku

yah..dia boyband kan.. apa tah nama
dari negeri bawah bayu ke.. i c.. i c..

4. coops - November 9, 2008

minci, i totally agree with u pasal our astronaut tu, and i think enuff is enuff la about him being exploit here and there 😉 and nway, kinda frustrated jugak with siti’s performance coz I expect more, uhuk.

p/s: sebenarnya, i really love ‘kehangatan lantana’ telemovie, and kinda hoping fasha won, haha.

5. Minci 先生 - November 9, 2008

oh yahhhh.. i totally forgot about that movie. thought it was good as well.

6. daju - November 13, 2008

i just love ‘Wanita’….
sedapp sgtt..

7. miyaki - November 14, 2008

hahaha, kelakar seh tocang2an tuh =))

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