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:: Book Blab November 9, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I bought a story book a few days ago. I bought it because I loved the author’s previous book.

I paid for my purchase. Unwrapped the plastic cover and eagerly read the first page. Words from the author herself. And she wrote something like, ‘if you’re hoping this book to be like the ___*previous book*__ I suggest you stop right here and put it down’ followed by some sort of poetic gibberish which is supposed to ‘show-off’ to the readers that ‘Im a well read and abstract-minded author’.  

Like.. what? Is that suppose to be some sort of reverse psychology thing-y? Cause it aint working.

And now the book remains un-read. Accumulating dust on the window sill. Not that I was hoping that it would be the same as the previous work, I mean.. Im sure that every book is different.. but to have that unwelcoming kata alu-aluan in front of the book is like so rude.

Are you undermining your readers in not being able to take on board something new in their lives? Must you give that warning? Is that your way of being creative? Well.. I dont think so. ohhhhhhhh.. wait.. you’re challenging me is it? Oh dear.. how did I ever miss that? Yah yah yah.. its your style of writing.. I get it!!

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