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:: Getting well in one day November 14, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

My body defenses were down and the malady started with me not being able to breath in the early hours of the morning. I had to sit up, I tried propping my pillows up to help me breath. I managed a few but it felt like an effort. An active effort in drawing oxygen into my body. Soon, it proved to become harder.

I reached for the stethoscope under my bed and tried to listen to my own chest. No signs of constricted airways. Maybe its the airconditioning. The cold air.

So I went downstairs and laid on the couch for a good hour. At the same time hoping that a Puaka Niyang Rapik lookalike wont appear. My breathing got better but I knew that is was the start of a very lifeless day. The bugs got me. They are going to make me sick.

My body was aching. I was listless and pale. My temperature rose up but strangely confined to only my hands and feet. Its like they have a mind of their own. My bowel habits were altered. I thought to myself, ‘Canne nak kursus nih??’ So I embarked on a mission, to get well in one day.


5 tips on How to get better in one day

1. Take your paracetamol. Its a wonderful painkiller and anti-pyrexial. As long as you take it within the recommended dose, there’s no reason to be worried of it accumulating in the liver.

2. Eat and drink for the nutrition. It took me about half a day to finish off my chicken wing. An hour to finish my milo. Glasses of water (eventhough I hate plain water). Air liur kelat. But I kept eating eventhough I dont like it. Trick yourself into imagining that you’re having steak or McD. Ha ha.

3. Stimulate the pressure nerves. Have a body massage, a foot rub. Hug a pillow. Curl into a ball and fiddle with your toes. It does wonders. It definitely makes you feel better.

4. Sleep. Dont fight it. When you’re ill, the body secretes interleukins that makes you sleepy. Natures way in healing the body.

5. Laugh. Force yourself if you must.

Well.. I didnt get better in one day but Im 80% on the road to recovery. Maybe a trip to Mydin will help. Any other tips? Do share.



1. kakfiza - November 14, 2008

oh..patot la lame tak memblog
tak sehat rupenye
sile cepat sembuh supaya bleh menikmati induksi n btn!

2. Minci 先生 - November 14, 2008

i want asparagus soup n a bit of lurve..
*manja mode*

3. jet - November 14, 2008

kamen..sile berenang seberang laut bile di lumut nanti..spy kite ketemu..yah?then we can go piknik togetha2..amboi2..ko igt ko gi bcuti???

sile sembuh cpt…spy lebih bermakna pemergian kamu nanti..

4. kakfiza - November 15, 2008

eh..kamu2 ni induksi n btn kat ne? same2 ke?

5. Minci 先生 - November 15, 2008

Yah.. kalo ada masa saya naik feri melawat kamu yah.. tkper tkper.. ini namanya ‘mindset’.. kita anggap kita gi bercuti.. ha ha

tak sama ok.. saya sorang2 (nanes kesepian)
tapi kakjet sama ngan Lyd ok.. huhu
oh..which reminds me .. I have to suro Lyd jaga Kakjet yg sering memory loss.. kesian..

6. jet - November 15, 2008

ahahha..mekaseh for that thoughtful gesture..(memory loss die panggei aku..cis!)

7. hafiz - November 15, 2008

owh, jatuh sakit rupanya, get well soon.

sometimes mind can do lots of wonderful things. Maybe having good thought can alleviate the pain 🙂

8. 13may - November 15, 2008

jaga diri minci….

9. Minci 先生 - November 16, 2008

hahaha.. abih tuhhhhhhhh.. aku nak panggil apa..

true true

mekaseh bro..

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