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:: A blue sky holiday November 17, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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This is an automated entry.

What am I doing right now?
Minci… is probably deceiving herself into thinking that she’s having a blue sky holiday.


While packing for my ‘holiday’, I’ve also packed for my post-holiday events. The days when I will officially ‘berkhidmat untuk negara’. The imperfect system that ironically demands perfection.. likes their houseman (HO) to start working few days after an exhausting Induction and BTN Programme.

Putting that aside..

For the past few days I have been;
1. Scavenging for baju sukan berlengan panjang from Sis Ninci’s wardrobe. I havent had one for ages. I found a few KUSTEM ones, Food Science Club (??!), my old Sumbangsih top (but thought better and didnt bring it). I also borrowed some of her and Mother’s sport pants.

2. To Mydin. Adik jual henset kat tepi tuh dah boleh buat kawan dah. Muka selalu sangat muncul. The aim to Mydin being to buy 2 white baju kurung top. I browsed the rack of samples. Beside me was a makcik babbling about how Mydin should do a discount on the Canggih uniform like Jusco does. (??!!). I couldnt decide on the correct size and had to try it on in the fitting room when something annoying happened.

I was in one of the rooms when I heard a group of girls giggling and trying to berebut masuk into the empty room beside me. One of them decided to be mischievous. She knocked my door and laughed. Me being me yang pantang dikacau when Im like half-dressed plus the ill-factor decided to retaliate. I gave the door one loud thump and I swear you could hear a pin drop afterwards.

“Is there anybody else”  – feeling Achilles pliss.

3. Sewing all my reusable torn outfits.

4. Piling up on the nutrition and sleep. I will never have these kind of sleeping hours ever again. Sob sob.

5. Stealing my family & friends photographs from various resources and uploaded it to my phone : Ampun sih.. gue nanti rindu banget sama kamu.. haha

Any pressing issues can be forwarded to my all-female group of PA’s;
1. Mrs Mimie (kalau bertuah boleh dijumpai bertempiaran berkeliaran di Mydin)
2. Nad/Lily Tensai (seru je “busukkkk…” dia pasti muncul.. ha ha)
3. KakFiza (bait her with cosmetics. that should work)

My next automated entries should appear on the 20th. In the meantime, do behave. Siapa bagi komen busuk, I sumpah you sakit 3 minggu. Ta~


1. Puteri Nad =) - November 17, 2008

i kno whose pics u have been saving..
takpelah let kakjet buat announcement lagik later :p

and why 2nd after kakmimi..chettt…

have fun!!!

2. kakfiza - November 17, 2008

waaa..ade automated entry tu

mesti kamen tgh meng’enjoy’ diri ni
meanwhile sy nebes2 kt sini memikirkan induksi n btn

nad2 kene bersyukur jadi 2nd
me jadi 3rd
tak patot!

3. Minci 先生 - November 17, 2008

eyyy.. aku tk gi lagi nih.. japgik.. in 5 minutes.. pendaftaran is like at 230pm.. ha ha

nway.. ta my dahlings

4. adiratna - November 18, 2008

syioknya gi vacation…..hahahaha… jangan pumping banyak sangat… hahaha

5. coops - November 19, 2008

gudluck sis 🙂 promise u;ll be back in 1 piece yea 😉

6. Puteri Nad =) - November 19, 2008

most prolli..two pieces ..sbb kat pantai kan

7. Khem_KiRk.. - February 10, 2009


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