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:: The Bottomline Agreement November 20, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

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Song : Tentang Kamu
Bunga Citra Lestari

The Video Clip

What am I doing right now?
Minci .. has received her ‘posting’ letter. Or not.

Be careful with what you wish for.

People who do not want to jinx their desires will not make them known to the world. But those who do, may not feel that lucky either to have not been jinxed. Hard innit?

Change is after all the most constant thing. Eventhough Mother says I ‘hati keras’, I do feel that Im a lalang at times. My informed decision changes with given information. Still, that depends. Because of my tendency to sway, I sometimes make an agreement with myself. The Bottomline Agreement.

For example :
Bottomline : I will not go out with that guy.
The reasoning will obviously vary from time to time when say, friends ask. I’d probably have forgotten as well ‘why?’ but the ‘end’ result stays for as long as it can. For I know that for myself to reach to that decision has consumed a lot of my brain energy, conscience, prayers and maybe discussion with other individuals.

Being human however, you make mistakes. You dont think things through enough. Thus regret ensues.

Thus one can only live with consequences. Like my Biology teacher in MARA College Banting once said, ‘Every action, has a reaction’.



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