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:: Makeup at work November 23, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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What am I doing right now?
Minci … is humming to ‘chasing cars’ by Snow Patrol

Part of my activities on the internet for the past few weeks was googling for the ‘HOw To’s’ in achieving an au-naturale look for a serious working environment. The look where you look like you have no make-up on when in fact you have.

My inspirations are drawn mostly from the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. Basic yet fresh. So believable. Natural.

Picture credit: greysanatomyinsider.com

There wasnt any simple guideline and even if there were tips, the amount of things they used were just plenty. Banyaknya hogeh. Mahal plak tuh. Bobbi Brown, MAC. Warghhh..

Still, I picked up bits and pieces of what is useful and for now managed to compile on this little list;

  1. Concealer. Top on the list. LIke the name suggests, it conceals flaws. ‘me tink’ its good for the dark circles underneath the eyes after many sleepless nights. Dont think patients would nejoy seeing a mummy-like doctor withdrawing their blood in the early hours of the day.
  2. Beige/champagne colour shadow. Vouched to help make the eyes brighter and bigger.
  3. Mascara. I prefer wearing the non-water proofed ones cause yelah..sedar diri sikit awak tuh nak ambik wuduk nanti. Unless you period lah. Or bukan Islam.
  4. Blush – Doesnt matter what colour
  5. Lipstick – It seems that a lot of blogs recommend the colour peach.  I for one, have not come across the colour yet. Must be in the high-end selections then. Huhu. I’ll stick to my ‘papaya’ colour je lah dulu. Or pink.

While some people pride in not wearing makeup to work because they deceive themselves into thinking that other people who wear it are not insecure about themselves… well, listen here, ‘wadahek. aku punya sukalah ok. aku teringin nak melawa hari nih’.

Self-satisfaction ok. Its that ‘i feel good’ feeling when you have your new undies on.


This may be a good assignment to my UK PA – KakFiza. Sila buat tutorial makeup au-natural untuk kulit Melayu.



1. D - November 23, 2008

hahaha!!! somehow, terasa la tua nya! LOL! I’m not one who likes to splash colours on my face, though i used to cannot live without any lipstick on. but somehow, since my iddah, i have lost interest in them. in fact, lost interest in even dressing myself up before going out. hmmm..scawwwy eh?

ANYway, i seldom used eyeshadows or mascara. Estee foundation, loose powder and wee bit blusher. of course, lipstick must be applied after use of lip liner.

aaah, wadahek!

2. maymay - November 24, 2008

errr…errr…nak komen apa yea…hehhe hehhe

3. DaRk AnGeL~* - November 25, 2008

honey dearie….

you’re beautiful just the way you are.. naturally…
a lil makeup will get those hot patients and docs eyes wide open…
yeah… i think it would be nice.
seriusly, u will look stunning with peach and orangy lipstick and just a blusher kaler batu bata will naikkan seri wajah you in natural way…
dont put any eye shadow, just a lil mascara will do the trick than there you go… a perfect natural stunning doc on the go!

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