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:: When women says ‘No’ November 29, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

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What am I doing right now?
Minci … clueless

When a Man says NO, it means NO
When a Woman says NO, it’s the start of a discussion



For illustration purposes

Unfortunately, Women LET themselves be part of the scheme because;
1. She’s afraid of hurting/disappointing other people
2. She’s afraid that she herself would get hurt

.. when a NO turns to a YES…

She knows she’s dug a hole for herself. She might be consumed by guilt, suffocated by expectations. Yet she keeps at it because she hopes (maybe unrealistically) that a Blessing may reveal herself in the midst of chaos.
When things get worse and she wants to climb out, she realizes that she cant. Its as though her feet were chained to the Situation, her soul owned by the Devil. And sheshe isnt confident that she is strong enough to leave.
She couldnt scream for help (not yet) for she knew that she got into this mess herself. As much as she wants to blame other forces, she knows well enough that for anything to happen, good or bad, she herself had opened herself up to it and allowed it to happen.
She couldnt bear the thought of shame. Of what people would think of her. Would people understand that even someone as pure as a nun could make mistakes?
So she sits there, hoping that God the Most Merciful would direct her course of life to a better standing. Be given a second chance to get it right/better the next time round.

And God poured the rain and flooded the hole.

She now has a choice. To either remain in the hole and drown. Or to swim up the hole and live. Though God has the power to just lift her out of the hole in thin air, He has made her swim. He wants her to realize that she has the strength to choose how she wants to live her life. He wants her to know that she’s a lot more of what she perceives herself to be. He wants hers to know that He is there to help if she ever asks for it. He wants her to also bear in mind that this is her second chance. Learn from the past and try not to repeat the same mistake.

She thanks God. She seeks forgiveness for her naiveness and stupidity. She was sorry that she became too timid to stand up for herself and to the values that she believed in.

Tortured. Bruised. Tattered. Broken. But alive. And a little wiser than yesterday.

Yet she hopes that everyday, people will not be able to see that shady side of herself. And just see the greatness that she’s evolving into. That she will become. She covers them. She hides them. For she is not courageous enough to hear judgements and accusations. Of people gasping at the level of her weakness. Of people screaming, ‘why didnt you put your foot down?’ as though it was that easy to do.

She managed to ‘escape’ by the Grace of God but she knows that there are others who are still tangled up in the web. All because they dont know how to say ‘No’ in the first place.



1. hayata - November 29, 2008

when a woman say no but expecting man translate it as yes, then the problem start.

mana ko pegi sebenanya minci?

2. Pok Deng - November 29, 2008

Unfortunately, Women LET themselves be part of the scheme because;
1. She’s afraid of hurting/disappointing other people
2. She’s afraid that she herself would get hurt

Nicely said. Good God. I found one who only sticks to that point number 2.

3. D - November 29, 2008

hello cik adik,
i’ve been meaning to write a post on this issue of saying NO. And today, I’m adamant to write about when I noticed your latest entry. hehehe.. vely vely interesting!

4. Puteri Nad =) - November 29, 2008

kakmin sedang berbtn..

5. DaRk AnGeL~* - December 3, 2008

i totaly agree with every word of it…

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