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:: Marina’s Cloud of Thoughts December 6, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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18 days of joy and fun. Of making new friends. Of learning new things about myself and the many possible things I can do.

Having been a dormant and hibernating individual during my 5 years in medical school, the Induction and Kenegaraan Course became an outlet for Minci’s Alternative Personality to emerge!



Although it felt forced (having to speak in public) in the beginning, it didnt take me long to be cheeky at ease. People seem to get the idea that the talking, singing and dancing I did was second nature to me when in truth, it’s not. Ha ha. Like serious hokeh..

Public speaking, giving presentations or MC-ing was never my cup of tea. The last time I sang on stage was in Form Three. The ‘career’ ended because my pitching went wrong as my friends and I did the ‘Cinta Yang di Akhir Garisan’ number. Dessy Fitri wouldnt be impressed with me I tell you. As of dancing, the last traditional dance I’ve ever performed was in Standard Four. Ngeeee.. :d

I didnt have time to jot down my thoughts on paper during the course but here is what I could think of on top of my head.

Cloud of Thoughts;

  1. In any new experience be it going to a new place, meeting new people or even listening to new ideas.. it is very important to not resist the opportunity. Embrace the event, go with the flow and you’d be surprised at how much more interesting your life can be. People enrich lives! Also, try not to gather too much information say, prior to going for Induksi. Leave a little room for the element of surprise to work its magic.
  2. We can be a mirror to each other. Sometimes the way people interact with you can give you an idea of how they perceive you. Their actions, the language and tone they use. It can also serve as a tool for you to interpret their personality.
  3. A fantastic leader is one who is able to create an atmosphere within the group in allowing each member to showcase their true potential.
  4. An interesting observation of how ‘Seorang pemimpin bukanlah lahir dari dewan kuliah, tetapi daripada kancah masalah’.
  5. Its difficult to get into civil services. I only have the lectures and exam paper as proof. Even medicine seemed easier. On top of that, I felt that my life became so complicated instantly. Definitely a hurdle for a person with a BLUE and OMBAK-shaped personality.
  6. I did a lot of pondering between the idea of being a leader or a follower. I have always prided myself as a follower. In fact, Im like the best ever follower/supporter any one leader could have. Just say the word and I’ll deliver. Gitu lah. In this course however, a lot of stress is given onto being a leader. Pretty suffocating for someone like me I have to say. urgh.. the only person I could lead is actually myself.
  7. Allow yourself to listen to everything that people have to say. Then only decide whats best for you.
  8. The expansion of the gastric capacity can happen in a few days. For someone like me who normally eats only twice a day, it was initially an agony trying to feed myself 6 meals a day.  Things however got better but now I have to get used to NOT eating 6 times a day. Muekekeke.

 I wonder what other people learnt for Im stopping at 8 cause its my favourite number. 😛 

PS : I arrived home to see that I’ve received a gift from Sis Ninci. It was a little alien. I named it Lumut. Ha ha ha.




1. Puteri Nad =) - December 6, 2008

ooo kakmin ada banyak personaliti
welkam home!

and hi lumut

2. haikal - December 7, 2008


we are blue and OMBAK

3. hayata - December 7, 2008

aka street smart or book smart..

I put that alien hanging under my car… U shud try…

4. Minci 先生 - December 7, 2008

thank u dahling.. im bringing lumut to BK

hoh.. ombak biru jugak ke. sepppp

too precious to hang it there.. will keep it with me at all times.. huhu

5. daju - December 8, 2008

it must be one of the best experience for you..

public speaking wasn’t my thing too..

6. Mossavio - December 12, 2008


Tak tahu lak awak ke Alor Gajah. I was there bila saya kena ke BTN dulu.

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