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:: No Gardenia in Kuching December 7, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Which explains why.. when Mother Samito asked my Aunt Rose if she wanted anything from Semenanjung, Aunt Rose said,

” Buy me 30 Gardenia buns!”


Hehe.. what an interesting life ahead.  😛



1. Zy - December 7, 2008

no gardenia throughout the entire Sarawak.

why? to help the local bread/baking industry. (that’s what my dad told me)

2. huuuu - December 8, 2008

eh dah ada lah gardenia di sarawak
kat choice supermall…

3. Puteri Nad =) - December 9, 2008

choice supermall..
lets go!

4. Zy - December 9, 2008

oh benar? that’s brilliant!

5. karina - December 9, 2008

kat samarahan pun ada.. Ahakz

6. anonymous - February 6, 2009

choice supermall tu kat mane??..please… i really want to know…gardenia deprived..

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