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:: Little Update January 23, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

A new environment calls for a new beginning. A fresh start. Perhaps to a certain extent, a new way of life. And I learnt this the hard way. And am still learning to find my way around.

In any BIG happenings in life, it is always aided or complicated by the LITTLE things that come with it. Housemanship is a BIG thing and tough. Yet, its getting manageable as I begin to sort out the LITTLE things that could make it easier.


1. KNowing the frequency for HOtFm here is 94.3.

2. Theres McDonalds near Holiday Inn and Central Park.

3. The quickest way to the Pathology lab to trace results is this, this and this.

4. The extension number for a particular department is XXXX.

5. During raining times, do not take Route A. Opt for B instead.

6. Knowing the right lingo and manner in doing some things.

Theres still more LITTLE things to sort out. Like installing an internet connection in my LITTLE home. Until then, this LITTLE Healer is scooting off to do BIG things. Adios amigos.




1. kasyah - January 23, 2009

GOng xi Fatt Choyy…Maybe tahun yang amat bertuah buat diko & especially 4 Mowie, Cowie & Moogie…..Moooo!

;have fun;

2. daju - January 26, 2009

kak min..
good to know your little updates..ehehh..

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