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:: Meet Mizi and the vocabs January 24, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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Introducing MIZI a.k.a. MIguel AK ZIkee. He’s the only thing thats truly mine. Miahaha..


Now that Badsyah a.k.a Badrul Badlisyah (my notebook) is up and running with Celcom Broadband, I guess its time to spill and thrill the Little Healer’s crowd with the latest goss. Not that theres much happening anyway. Life as a Houseman (HO) is … different. It is also undeniably the best weight loss programme ever!

Here’s a bit of vocab to help you along the way.

Houseman (HO) – usually newly graduated doctors from their particular medical institution. Sometimes, these HOs have done their housemanship training overseas but have to come back and work as an HO due to some rotations not being done there. Such rotations include Obs n Gynae and Paeds.

HO’s are temporarily registered to the medical council. they have yet to get their full registration as a qualified medical practitioner until they’ve finished their training in 2 years.

Easily identified in hospital as the young looking uns who runs/walk really really fast from one place to the other with a worried or urgent look on their face.

The flow of seniority is

HO –> Medical Officer (MO) –> Registrar/ Specialist –> Consultant


Tagging – an orientation period when the new HO would have to learn all the tricks of the trade within the time given. Working hours during tagging can mount up to 12 – 14 hours depending on the department. The idea is to learn as much as they can just so these HO’s are adept and competent enough to do on-calls on their own. Tell you more about it later. My feet were both larger and shinier than Frodo’s by the time my tagging period ends.  

Official working hours on punchcard is 7 -5 but HO’s like myself usually start at 6. Being On-Call means that I continue work after 5 until 7 oclock the next day. Only to resume my duty in the normal working hours. That is why we often say we work for 36 hours oncall.

Photobucket This is breakfast on the go. A quick sip of coffee during stops at the traffic light.



1. sir pok deng - January 25, 2009

Now everything got its name. Sampei motor kitak ada nama juak ow. Mabeles!

2. daju - January 26, 2009

your breakfast on the go comel..
mcm bekal zaman primary..

3. Puteri Nad =) - January 26, 2009

mizi is like gabungan dua name ke??

4. Minci 先生 - January 26, 2009

marveles.. im going to name my house then.. sumtin like Minci Hut. Or Cheeky Villa. ha ha ha

pastuh merasalah air tumpah dlm kete.. nannes

urm yes? Miguel Zikee?

5. Puteri Nad =) - January 26, 2009

poorah kakmin!

6. Minci 先生 - January 27, 2009

shenma? miahahaha..

7. arakel - January 30, 2009

helo minci

8. ahmad fadzli (tempe1543) - February 4, 2009

a few more vocab:
trace results – the act of going down to pathology to get/search/argue/plea for pt’s blood results…
collapse – a term used when a patient had suddenly stopped breathing on you… time to recall basic resuscitation techniques!
‘jonah’ – a term used to label certain HO’s who when oncall will have a million new cases coming in… species generally avoided by MO’s…

9. karina - February 4, 2009

nang ada Miguel AK Zikee. Hhaha. Cney ndak nya oleh nama ka?
Beri nama comel kedak urg nya juak. Adoi cuzku ini… So, dats how ur house look like. So hard to catch times when we both could meet. U bz, I pun bz. Dalam tok jak berklaka

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