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:: Rain rain go away.. January 26, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Its ‘Winter’ in Kuching (KCH) at the moment ..

The rain reminds me of Preston. The cold reminds me of the time Id be sipping hot chocolate or homemade latte, curling with a book under the fleece throw with a medical textbook. oh. Good times.


A Kuchingite stuck in a traffic congestion..

Rain in KCH can be horrendous. Rain in KCH is steel evidence of how our country is still in a phase of pembangunan yang kurang terancang dan tidak sekata. We have all the latest technology and pretty buildings in West Malaysia but our fellow citizens in East Malaysia doesnt seem to reap the benefit of being part of a developing country as even the simplest provision of proper drainage system couldnt be implemented. Heavy downpour with improper draining results in floods and yet these people who suffer thinks that its a natural disaster that they have to live with. They do not realize that their condition could be improved. I mean, it does bring on the question as to who is this person in the higher authority who grants permission to build housing areas, parking lots and roads WITHOUT drains to go along with it?

Yes, Im complaining because I have to wade through ankle deep puddles in the parking lot to get to my car after a hectic day.

Speaking of pembangunan tidak sekata,

I am surprised to learn that people can travel up to 3 hours on foot to get to the hospital for treatment. Some have to board a ferry and the rest needs to rent a van to get here. And the fare costs them nearly a weeks salary. How daif. 😦




1. sir pok deng - January 26, 2009

Whatever it is, I love KCH more than West Malaysia. People here are friendly and gorgeous too!

2. karina - February 4, 2009

Huhu.. Tedah Sarawak. Well2. KCH best bah. Im ur friendly neighbourhood, Spiderman! Hehe.

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