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:: About On-Calls January 27, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.
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I learnt an important lesson a few weeks ago.

Never ever agree to swap shift with a fellow colleague who requests to do so on that very same day. Unless it’s a dire emergency and cannot be helped. Thus a reminder to myself to not put my colleagues in that position as well for it wouldnt be fair on them to work long hours … UNPREPARED.

Apart from ‘psyching’ myself mentally before a call, I also have to consider other things. For instance;

1. Ensuring that my house is fully locked. That the necessary lights are switched on.

2. Dirty dishes washed. Dry plates and pots kept away. Rubbish disposed safely.

3. Water taps closed tight. Toilets double flushed.

4. My on-call bag packed – toileteries, clothes for the next working day (best still, not keronyok), clean socks.

5. Some small change for that quick nip of Kit Kat or caffeine dose in a can.

6. Adequate sleep the night before.

7. Park at a somewhat safe spot within the hospital grounds.

On-Calls however can be a joy.

  1. Staying enclosed in the building for long hours plus the fact that KCH is like Winter for its short daytime .. I havent had the need to buy sunblock since the time I started work. Ha ha.
  2. Food is provided. Hence, I get two rice meals a day. On normal days, I’d be running on either one meal of rice or bread to last me till the next day. Its because between sleep and eat, the emerging winner is always sleep. No sleep makes Minci a mean little biatch.
  3. Hot shower!! Bestnyer.. :p
  4. Promiscuity. A different guy sleeping in the same room on every shift. Opsie. Singletus Pruritis.
  5. I dont have to put up with my noisy neighbour. Huhu ..

Any other joys during On-Calls?


1. daju - January 28, 2009

u stay alone ker in kuching..
waahh..on-calls..mcm dlm greys ekk..hehh..
so during on-calls..kna work in ER ker?

Minci 先生 - January 30, 2009

Yes my dear… i stay alone..
nope.. I dont work in the ER yet.. because im not attached to that department yet.. 🙂

2. arakel - January 30, 2009

hello minci

3. burak - January 30, 2009

what is your father name? is penyamin?

4. Minci 先生 - January 30, 2009


no.. its monmon..

5. ahmad fadzli (tempe1543) - February 4, 2009

other joys of being oncall? i can only remember suffering… all the branulas to insert, the bloods to take, my one joy was in paeds when i became the ‘king’ of branula insertions, even my senior MO’s couldn’t put in a branula like i do…. bangga giler time tu… anyway, u tgh buat posting aper?

6. Ryan Ericson Canlas - March 25, 2009



Ryan Ericson Canlas
SAP Practice Manager – SAP COE
International SAP Basis Consultant

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