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:: My CNY January 27, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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This Chinese New Year is the Year of the OX. Too bad Soho-Bu, Moogie, Cowie and The Twins are not with me to celebrate it. Hurmm.. I need a new obsession now that my cow-related memorabilia is ‘overseas’. Maybe I should divert my attention or create an interest into something strange or Kenyalang related. Like head-hunting. Huhu..

My new found friend TSF Sensei invited me to her house for CNY. I was honestly very excited to go for its been a while since I went house visiting during festive seasons. Being an egoistic female driver I was, I decided not to ask for any directions and decided to drive over using only my instincts and signboards.

The Final Destination was BDC. Many MLs of fuel later, I managed to get lost. First it was to Batu Kawa, then to Tabuan Jaya. Jauh bangat sih. Well, at least I get to discover new places to go to apart from my routine therapeutic driving route near The Waterfront.

The visit was worth the fuel.


My 'hóng bāo' (红包); jīn júzi (金橘子) and xìngyùn bǐng (幸运饼)

My fortune cookie said :




1. serendipity hopeful - January 27, 2009

While we are celebrating, being grateful for all they good things we have and basking in the warmth of our loved ones, let us do one more thing.

Please pray for a lady, her 3 children, her husband and their parents. Remember to also pass the requests around to all your friends and through your blog.


Thank you and ‘Gong Xi Fatt Cai’!.

The Ox year is upon us may this rushing bull be in a great hurry to rush all the good health, happiness, harmony, joy and warmth into your household.


2. sir pok deng - January 27, 2009

Kitak pegi nangga bunga api sik marek? Kamek dengan kawan-kawan kamek pegi siya nangga bunga api. Mun kitak ada kat siya, boleh jumpa mintak angpaw!! Keh3x.

3. Minci 先生 - January 27, 2009


No I didnt. Not the full show. I was at work.. HuHu.. but I managed a little peek in the sky while sending blood samples to the lab…

4. Mr-F - January 27, 2009


helo cik min..pa kabar sehat?
kmk teruja baca blog kitak..sik tauk macam ney tetumpang lalu blog kitak..bila kmk baca ttg “CNY” n winter in KCh..terus rindu ngn kch..
n, sik sangka penulis blog nya urg swk duhal..
apapun, i wud like to contratulate u for nice topics that u share
terus menulis topic best2 ..caiyo2..ney tauk jadi pengunjung setia..
nice to noe u

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