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:: How I spent my first salary January 30, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

According to Cosmopolitan (ha ha ha) . . .

A woman should divide her salary into 4 parts. This will be her weekly allowance to be spent anyway she wishes to to avoid overspending. Other ways of stay within the budget would be to;

  • withdraw money on Mondays
  • get beauty treatment by trainees for a cheaper value
  • to no shop on the 10th – 13th day of cycle

but of course, since there are two types of people in the world; the ones that listen and the ones who dont… one can choose to follow or otherwise.

How I spent mine

First of all, I paid my monthly debts to my respectful loansharks parents. Banyak ok hutang masa nak pindah masuk rumah.. he he.

Then, I paid for my insurance. My water bills. Then, for a McD meal. Plus fuel. (ok.. this is getting sillier). Afterwards, its time to pay up my;

electricity bill, celcom broadband bill, Mizi’s ownership fee, Minci Huts rent, yada yada yada..

And now I just realized I havent bought something nice for myself. Maybe I should buy a pair of clubbing shoes Plasma TV and a nice couch for my living room. Muekeke..



1. daju - January 31, 2009

plasma TV..huiyoo..
1st salary..blanje adek2 laa..
nasib i’m bongsu..so my bro n sisters yg slalu blane..hehehh..

2. coops - January 31, 2009

what? i wasn’t in the list? uhuk 😦

3. Puteri Nad =) - January 31, 2009

nad rasa cam salah ler pembahagian duit kakmin

4. Minci 先生 - February 2, 2009

itu angan2 sajer namanya

hehe.. nantilah i balik semenanjung. kita tgk canne. n i wanna see baby 🙂

n then how ok my dear..

5. Puteri Nad =) - February 2, 2009

kakmin lupa masukkan bajet utk bulan februari yg penting hahaha

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