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:: XRaylah hatiku February 2, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Housemanship Training.

Its part and parcel of life to be told off by seniors once we’ve done something wrong or not taking appropriate action. That, I can accept. After all, what we know as HO’s is probably less than 1% of what these learned people know. But to have a fellow colleague of the same HO status to label your referral with any word other than wise, is just … hmph. Entahlah … I thought that because we’re all in the same boat, we should at least make each of our lives easier. If I have done anything to make his/her life crappy.. then teach me how to fix it. Make me as competent as you. Guide me so I wont repeat the mistake.


For someone who has never done a vÄginal ExaminatiÖn (VË) during medical school, I therefore would like to give myself a pat on the back and congratulate myself for having known what the cervix feels like. Better still, being able to differentiate the diameter of the os from a 2cm to a 3cm.

*Sigh*I feel slightly better now having given an acknowledgement to myself that I have improved in one way or the other. To be able to know that you have room for improvements and have made the necessary steps in achieving that does make you feel motivated in overcoming future challenges. It is because you know that you’re not that dumb and it wasnt a waste of money to study in established medical schools. It gives some form of temporary reassurance that you are capable of learning more difficult things and be good at it.

I suppose that was why as medical students, we were taught the importance of Reflection in our learning. Apart from being able to call better judgements in the future when faced with the same scenario, I suppose the alternative message there is for yourself to appreciate your own effort and accomplishment when others are not doing that for you.

Finally, this is my fridge. It’s terribly empty. Im emanciated. I have scurvies!!  




1. Que - February 3, 2009

siannya hokeyy… hati mana leh xray,, kene ultrasound baru kelas

2. D - February 3, 2009

you’ve got the right approach there – being open to criticism. yang negative tu pejam mata je la. Aah… thought you have found means of x-raying the heart. nak jugak x-ray hati i nih. huhuhuh..

keep well, dear! but why la your fridge is so pathetic looking? eating out all the time? not good, doc. not good at all!

3. hayata - February 3, 2009

your vocab, wow… even google define:emanciated can’t provide any definition.

pity lah, ur freezer.. aiyoh… u sound, like, aiyoh.. chaiyokk minci, chaiyokkk 🙂

4. Minci 先生 - February 3, 2009

aku nk buat PET Scan bley? Nuclear medicine yg gempaks terus.. miahahhaa

Yes, I byk mkn luarlah kak. its either that or I’ll be on-call eating fabolous on-call food/ not eat.. but then I just went to buy some things to stock it up.. he he

oh.. itu vocab medical.. mungkin sbb itulah tk dpt maksud.. huhu
mmg agak pathetic.. no wonder I need a housewife.. ha ha ha

5. ahmad fadzli (tempe1543) - February 4, 2009

baguihler tu, at least nkau humble and sanggup belajar, some pf my HO dulu bodoh sombong, main manage style dia jer, pastu pt pass away…. to me a good HO is reliable, responsible and RESOURCEFUL…
seriously being an MO for 4 years i know that most of us will appreciate it if the HO tries to solve certain problems by themselves first and not rely solely on their MO’s, if u’re not sure of certain plan of management please don’t write simply ‘to discuss with MO reg further plan’, try suggesting what u would like to do but add a KIV to it, this would show initiative and some brain power on your part, try doing this minci and i know your MO would be amazed…

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