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:: A pampered weekend February 8, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

1kg = RM3.50
6kg = RM 21.00

Aku terbangak. And I ‘WOW’ed. Bapak berat baju aku.


MEtroKleen. My appointed dobi.

I was telling my friends the other day that, “If you ever see me in a baju kurung … and its not a Friday, that means Im running out of things to wear”. A further confession. There was a point when I had to shop for several new pair of tops and pants because my wardrobe was depleting of suitable working outfits. MIahahaha.

Anyway, this is my first weekend of which Im not ON-Call. Last month, my weekends were working weekends and although I earned quite a lot, there wasnt time to splash the hard-earned cash around. So this time, I didnt waste time in doing what I’ve always wanted – seeing the city/complexes as much as I can AND self-indulgence treats.

Because I shop like a typical guy, meaning once I’ve got what I want, Im out of there .. it took me less than 3 hours to ronda-ing KCH.

First I drove to Spring Boulevard based on directions given by a fellow colleague,

“ADa banyak traffic light, straight je, pastuh nampak bangunan besar sebelah kanan”

Haha.. and the big building turned out to be on my left. Thanks all the same. And there I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Woohoooo..

My next stop was this place called Wisma Saberkas. Its like a Mini Lowyatt – with all the techno, gadgety stuff. There were also loads of hair studios. Summoning the Little Diva in herself, Yours Truly popped into one of them and got herself a session of hair treatment together with a hair trim. Feeling Vanessa Hudgens pliss. The hairstylist adviced a once a month hair treatment to which I think is so worth it. RM67 … I get a nice haircut + hair wash + head massage + advice + ‘me’ time. Oklah.. if you know of any cheaper place in KCH, do let me know. A SPA is equally nice.

Afterwards, it a nice steady drive back home. To the little Minci Hut near the mountains.


Photobucket  Photobucket

My next Ronda Mission : To find a car wash centre.



1. 13may - February 8, 2009

6kg = RM 21.00…untuk seminggu ker?

2. Minci 先生 - February 8, 2009

more like sebulan.. ha ha ha

3. daju - February 9, 2009

hoho 67 ringgit.. pampering yourself ekk..hehehh..
i saw u online and it’s 5am over there..awalnye…

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