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:: Lessons learned February 12, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

My father once said that he wants his daughters to be able to stand on their two feet. Obviously, men knows their kind better.

After all the effort put in, how could Man say that its not enough. Not complete.

Anyway, putting aside the stress factors of the day:

1. Stupid car wont start. Now I need to get a cab for tomorrow morning.
2. My one and only fan in the house broke.
3. A caught by surprise presentation due tomorrow.
4. A day in OT – very taxing. Keeps not having enough energy to retract the thing. I nearly had fainting spells during the procedure because my posture was not neat.

Bla bla bla.

…  I have 2 reasons to be happy today. One, the chance to perform intubation to a patient in OT. I mean, I’ve done an intubation before but never with the traditional laryngoscope. In Preston Hospital, we use this fancy tube thing that has a tongue lookalike at the end. Anyway, it feels so ER to be doing it the old-fashion way.

The other was this very fatherly talk with the cab driver on my way home. He was probably in his 50s with successful children. From his manner of speech, I could see that he’s educated in one way or the other. He was talking about ‘pengorbanan ibu bapa’ and ‘tanggungjawab anak2’. It tugged the strings of my heart that once I reached home, I did what I felt was the right thing to do. I kept in touch with my parents to ask them of how they’re doing.

We get caught up in all this daily stresses of life that we forget what really matters in the first place – caring for the people that we love.


1. Danial - February 12, 2009

chicken soup for my soul today…

2. san - February 13, 2009

dnt call that car like that again… 😛

hepi caring.

3. iris - February 14, 2009

salam ziarah

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