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:: Langkah bendul February 15, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Finally, an engagement ceremony in my family coming soon. It could have been me but no, its my younger sister’s rezeki this year.

Newsflash : Langkah bendul

My sister is already asking me what I want. And me being the sweetest sis on Earth told her that she can give me anything she wants, as long as its affordable to her and her fiance. I told her I dont need a Chanel, a Gucci bag or a priceless diamond ring .. I just want her to use their money for better purposes in the future.

Merik pake hormat adat jak …

I once read a blog entry of how this particular lady thinks that its nonsense for the adat langkah bendul to be carried out. In my opinion, it upholds the true Malay sentiments of respecting your elder siblings and being humble. Its a formal way of apologizing that ‘ things are turning out the way they are but in return, I present you these gifts .. please accept them and wish all the happiness in my journey towards building a good marriage, wahai kakanda’.. that sort of things lah.. miahahaha.

How do I feel?

Partially happy that their love saga is heading somewhere with blessings from both families. Partially numb for not knowing how best to respond when inevitable questions like,

“kakaknya bila lagi?”

comes by. I may be a HO, a sister, a friend but above all, Im all woman underneath. The emotional sensitivity still lingers even after holding a poker-face front. The big question …



1. Puteri Nad =) - February 15, 2009

congratz ninci!!
adakah nnt saya dijempot..hehe

mintaklah beg couch!

2. sir pok deng - February 15, 2009

You should find a doctor too!

3. Puteri Nad =) - February 16, 2009

engineer lah! kiskiskis..

4. sir pok deng - February 16, 2009

Doctor knows a lot about you but an engineer knows only about constructing a long road. Bla bla bla…

5. kakfiza - February 16, 2009

oh..congratulation to little sister!!

6. daju - February 17, 2009

congratz to adek kak min..

u’re the eldest daughter ker..
even enggagement pn kna bg something ekk to elder sister..
i thought only for wedding..
if i yang langkah bendul..my sis definitely ask for macam2..ahaks..
(hope she’s not reading this)..
but that’s not gonna happen la..

7. hafiz - February 18, 2009

congratulations to your younger sister.

The inevitable question of ‘when is your turn to get married’ is quite difficult to answer. I usually try distraction technique so that they won’t have the opportunity to ask those questions 😉 but eventually the times will come when the answer will be haunting all of us.

Insha-Allah, you will your Mr Right sooner or later

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