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:: Mistakes February 16, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

Some say its best to learn from other people’s mistakes than doing one yourself..

Its definitely not a nice feeling to be doing all the mistakes or getting caught red-handed though …  miahahaha

Yah .. Im the HO who (once)

  • reviews the CTG and only the CTG without analysing the whole case
  • when reviewing, didnt think through that the patient could be contracting for more than 24 hours
  • puts the amniotic hook in other bins apart from the sharps bin
  • dont use gloves to withdraw blood
  • thought her case study was so interesting which turned out to be lame ( muahahaha)
  • traces results but often fails to inform the MO
  • didnt know how to mix MgSo4 for pre-eclamptic patients
  • sticks her hand inside the patients vagina for too long cause she couldnt find the os
  • didnt write her discharge summary completely. not her fault for the nurse just took the unfinished summary to the discharge counter upon seeing the doc’s signature already there
  • pokes the cervix instead of the membrane during ARM
  • doesnt write down every single word in the notes of what the specialist said or did to the patient
  • forgets the anatomy of the human body
  • couldnt differentiate 8cm and 6cm Os

and bla bla bla

kelaka jugak kalo fikir balik.. mmg blur sangat2…



1. san - February 17, 2009

i jst can smile.. 😛

adoi, teringat lak cite korea kt tv2 kul 12.30pm pasal doktor2 ni;

2. iris - February 18, 2009

poke the cervix?? nanti dia ter’PU’ camne ..habis kene tangan.huhu

3. marisa - March 5, 2009


kalo dr E dpt tau…

4. Minci 先生 - March 5, 2009

oh hokeh 🙂

jgn kata PU (kencen).. segala jenis cecair dah kena baju..

astaga, mohon dijauhkan.. Dr E perlu faham I budak baru belajar.. miahahha

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