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:: My day off February 19, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

6th March is the day when everyone should switch on to HotFm and together with me having palpitations in listening in to whether Im one of the 4 finalist for the InnerShine Competition. Bajet bagus bley? miahahaha .. Persist For the Money . .

Persist for the money


Easy RM500.. why not ey? Who knows after that I’ll get to be in a Tourism comercial  – Tahun Melawat Kuching or sumtin.. or Menerokai Mulu bersama Minci.. ha ha ha.. okkkkkkkkkkkk… back to real life.

Today was my first ever day off.. I have yet to give Mizi his much needed spa treatment but Mizi should be getting one this weekend. Berdaki sangat body dia skrang … Not to mention his interiors. I dont want to risk him breaking down again ala2 upset because the taxi fare is so costly. RM20 one way – so bayangkan sajalah how far my house is from the hospital. *nannes*

As for myself, I finally get the chance to have an unhurried breakfast, scrumptious lunch and bought a few female related magazines. YES! A new top, a new carpet for my home (furninshing in progress), some nutritious supply for the fridge . . . yada yada yada.. and I’ve finally found the Hock Lee Shopping Centre.. ha ha ha.. will go there once again next month with M.O.N.E.Y.

Being a driving-holic, I managed to bring Mizi to a place as far as Klinik Kesihatan Tanah Putih and god knows where near the Tentera Laut Office. If I had been on this driving adventure earlier, I would have gone to Bako or Serian or Bau even. But since I was post-call, Miss SleepyHead deserves more TLC.

I havent bought my goldfish yet… coming soon, I hope . Till then, I need a name apart from Nemo but it must have an O in it. Any suggestions. And names like O’Malley doesnt count.  



1. kakfiza - February 19, 2009

cadangan…namekan OLLY
does that rings any bell?

olla olly ku beri nama
saudara saudari

p/s: wahh wahh..mengejar impian nk jadi artis ke?

2. Minci 先生 - February 19, 2009

Miahahaha.. Olly kku yg mirip Clay aiken..
tkderlah kejar impian.. aku nk nyanyi masa corporate function je lambang x-clusive.. 😛

3. san - February 20, 2009

otromen boleh?




4. lelly remington - February 20, 2009

how about sharkbaito..memberi japanese touch kepadanye..haha

5. hafiz - February 20, 2009

?Goldeo since it will be goldfish 🙂

6. daju - February 20, 2009

how bout simple like mayo? eheh..

7. Zy - February 20, 2009

jumbo kak yasmin. kmk akan sampei kuching this saturday. register ari isnin kelak for elective in SGH. free for milo peng? come to lundu… definitely will go back to lundu during weekend. come laa with me.. lundu is very “kampung”.. but i love it to bits!

8. damien duffy - February 20, 2009

alamak… tersama la plak ngan daju. Baru nak panggil mayo. haha.. panggil aje mojako.
gudluck dalam menuju puncak…..
Oo.. kamek jugak akan ka sibu dalam dua mingguk lagik..
tapi kitak kenal ka sama kamik?

9. adhaband - February 22, 2009

salam ziarah ^_^

10. Minci 先生 - February 23, 2009

Ollie is kinda cute.. 😛

motif very kejepunan

wainotto.. ha ha ha

not bad.. then if i buy a jellyfish, it’ll be J’LO

pastuh beli lagi sekor ikan sardin bagi nama ketchup.. 😛


sik ok.. who?


11. Zy - February 24, 2009

kak yasmin.. your mobile number please? Just started my attachment today in a&e. best! haha.

email me your number ok?

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