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:: The dead baby February 22, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

I stood there staring at the IntraUterineDeath (IUD) baby. I was in doubt of whether to pursue the review or turn back. I honestly felt chills running down my spine but this is not medical school anymore where you have the choice of not doing it first time around and get to talk about what you felt, this is HO -ship, nak tak nak.. kena buat jugak. Its a See One, Do One, Teach One basis.

He was cold. Not stiff. More like floppy with a severely deformed head (cone-shaped, skulls bones overlaping with each other). WE did not know why or how he died in the womb and one of the ways in knowing how is through running some test on the baby’s blood sample. And to get the sample is at the heart – which means stabbing a needle through his chest.

4ml.. thats was all I could gather. Just enough for a few test… I couldnt prod any more – my knees were weak. Condolences to the mother and the rest of the family. FYI, even with an IUD … we do not evacuate the baby immediately. The pregnancy continues till term and normal delivery is to take place just like any alive baby. Its a difficult concept to take in and I have yet to ask why.

Anyhow, IM sleeping with the lights on. Not keen on anything green and little going near me. Ayayayaiayai…



1. kakfiza - February 22, 2009

oh my my..

tp the dead baby bleh dok dlm perut not later than 3 weeks ke? ni yg aku bace in the book, kalo tak silap la.

p/s: kamen ni mesti tak bkk ym. nk tanye, kalo gi induction tu tak bawak laptop susah ke? byk sgt ke nk gune?

2. damien duffy - February 23, 2009

Erk… takziah.

3. Minci 先生 - February 23, 2009

kalo tk bwk blh je survive sbb diorg provide desktop terus.. adalah beberapa bijik.. ha ha ha

ah yer

4. hafiz - February 23, 2009

the baby need to be delivered via vagina since LUSCS can have lots of complications and reduce the future options for childbirth. Once you have LUSCS, there is reduced possibility to deliver vaginally for the next pregnancy.

It will be quite difficult for the mom to deliver a dead baby. My condolence to her.

Hopefully you will sleep soundly tonight.

5. ubaidillah - February 25, 2009

salam .. nice blog here .. exchange link … please

6. wani - March 7, 2009

i hate IUD…

because tak sampai hati nak amik blood dia..

i hate it…i hate it…


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