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:: Sensasi, Minci fainted in OT March 4, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.


So heres my story from A to Z..

It was around 4 AM Tuesday morning when a case was posted to the Operating Theatre (OT) for an Emergency Caesar due to acute fetal distress. Everything went well in the beginning. No exhausting retraction like the ones one have to do when assisting for a hysterectomy. As of giving fundal aid in delivering babies ..well, that has always been  physically challenging to me in terms of strength and height (pendek, susah mau tekan perut) – so no surprises there.

Things took a turn while we were closing up the uterus.

First my left leg gave way slightly. I was still alert then and thought I didnt place my foot right when few seconds later, I felt a bout of nausesous feeling. It was that same sign I had before my previous faint in 2003. FYI, this is my 4th episode of fainting throughout my whole 25 years of life on this planet.

1991  – Fainted after warming up during Taekwondo class (jumping jack)
1995 –  I had chicken pox. Collapsed while my sister was applying the cream on my body. I was standing at the time.
2003 – During my studies in MARA College Banting. I was ill at the time. Sick for 1 month, treated with 3 different antibiotics from polyclinic. All inneffective. After the fainting episode (at a primary school canteen because we were teaching English to the kids there), I had a blood investigation done at a clinic and was referred to Putrajaya Hospital for sky-high WBC and low Hb. Hospitalised for 11 days. Conclusion : UTI + Anaemia. Tuh sajor.

2009 – Now. In housemanship.

Immediately I said, “Staff Nurse, tolong takeover.. saya .. nak.. pengsan”

In less than a second my conscious level was deteriorating and I could only hear the muffles of my MO’s voice saying something which sounded like, “Cepat unscrub” And no, my MO’s voice wasnt like the voice you hear in the movies when someone is unconscious – you know, the suara besar and perlahan …. So Hollywoods a lie.

The next thing I knew I was already sat on a chair with a face mask on. WAHHHHHHH .. the oxygen was like so cold and fresh. It made me short of breath though and I had to breath deeply in and out. I was floppy and shivering and like ‘kebas’.

I made a speedy recovery – thanks to the oxygen and mug of hot milo. I didnt get to assist in the Ectopic Pregnancy which was an op I was looking forward to. Huhu.. but I did get to rest in the OT’s Pantry for a while. 

After the incident, THE common question was

“Kenapa you pengsan? “

I honestly dont know why. Do people actually know? I suppose after a retrospective inspection into what I did throughout the night prior to the faint .. I could put it down to a few reasons;

  1. I did not eat enough to last me for the night. I may be on Passive Call but it surely demands a lot of energy to be in theatre for a very long time. At least now I know better.
  2. Even if I eat my food, the WHen could be a contributing factor. Lunch at 1PM doesnt provide much energy reserve to last anybody till 4 Am. And having chocolate buns, mentos and a slice of pizza in between may not be sufficient.
  3. Tiredness. Ini saya rasa sendiri mauk kuatkan dirilah.
  4. Psychological dislike towards work in OT strongly manifested through physical reactions. 😛

Thats my tale.




1. iris - March 5, 2009

siannya minciii….

2. DaRk AnGeL~* - March 5, 2009

alahai.. please take good care of yourself.. if you don’t then who is going to take of the sick people?

eat well and rest well ok…

3. Puteri Nad =) - March 5, 2009

sian kakmin
by the way sekarang nad pon banyak pengsan2 semenjak first year

1st time-masa tengok darah memancut
2nd-selepas exam masa gi makan shawarma dgn kona
3rd-dekat spital melaka depan lift,masa buat prektikal


4. Puteri Nad =) - March 5, 2009

makanla banyak2..
and goodluck innershine

5. Minci 先生 - March 5, 2009

huhu.. nak pampasan eskrem

kak syifa,
i wanna go new york

wow.. tkleh bayang u pengsan depan lif.. ha ha ha.. motif sgt.. and yes.. INNERSHINE esok!! sila sgr HOtFM

6. wani - March 7, 2009

aku rase ko pengsan sebab tak cukup tenaga nak buat fundal pressure kot..ye a..kecik..tak sampai..huhu..

mintak kat staff nurse kerusi..senang..hehe..

jangan pengsan lagi..

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