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:: Entry 1792 March 5, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

He said,

“We all have to start somewhere … “

We dont get to see the Head of Department that often on a personal basis. But once the encounter takes place, it doesnt take a genius to figure out how they reached that position in the first place.

We dont become competent and truly good in what we do overnight. Even if we think we are top-notch in accomplishing our task, there is always room for improvement. Thats my 2 cent opinion. (Which is not worth anything in Msia at all. Yet why do they price the items at 99 sen … )

Miss my room in Preston

Miss my room in Preston

On a different note, I learnt 2 things worth sharing the other day.

It was in OT with my specialist, The Praying Mantis (sebab gaya dia macam sangat berilmu and  is a very very good teacher) and my MO, Lyd-Lookalike. I was the 2nd assistant and we were doing an operation to remove a dermoid cyst.

At one point during OP, PM suddenly issued an order that we all change our gloves. Me being a softie was curious but did not ask why and thought will save the question for later. But as it works in medicine, if you dont ask the Specialist, the Specialist will ask you. Muekekekeke. And so PM asked,

“Hah Minci.. why did we change gloves”

Sergahan always makes me terkesima sebentar. So he continued,

“Because just for main2 is it?”

“Eh no lah… ”  <— apa jenis jawapanlah nih “Is it because its carcinogenic?” <– apa jenis soklan

“Huh?? Carcinogenic?” There was a 3 second pause when PM said, “Ever heard of pseudomyxoma peritonai? Its a rare complication that can happen when the sebaceous material from this cyst goes into the abdominal cavity …. “

Lesson No 1 : The little actions that we do everyday can actually make a big difference in other peoples lives.

After the op, one of the Staff Nurses asked, “Dr PM! I throw this thing away ah!”

“Dont! I want to show it to our houseman first”

And PM opened the dermoid cyst revealing bits of human hair and teeth. I felt like in kindergarten when the teacher would together squat on the floor and show earthworms in the grass, only this time a dermoid cyst in the kidney dish. It was so show-and-tell.

Lesson No 2 : If ever in the future I become a specialist  and wants to ‘promote’ my specialty to practising interns, it’ll be by showing them this few interesting things to bait their interest. Its because for a while after being shown the dermoid cyst LIVE, I had thought that O&G was a specialty worth considering going into.




1. Puteri Nad =) - March 6, 2009

katil yg lepas dihenyak2kan

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