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:: 8-9 March March 9, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.
A fellow male colleague asked,
“So how does it feel to be oncall with 4 handsome guys last night?”
I had wanted to add,
“Well.. actually 6.. ” since both my registrar and MO were XY’s as well.Ha ha ha.  Last nights call was manageble. Everyone did their fair share of work most of the time although it has come to my attention that one colleague in particular likes to be MIA for too long. There was plenty to learn and lots of informal teaching going on. About ;
  • how proper hydration, power and pain relief is important in a primigravida to avoid doing unnecessary Caesarean due to poor progress in labour
  • different types of CTG abnormalities.
  • what to do when you have a labial hematoma ( suck it out and repair the tear )
  • how to identify the lower segment (finally.. )

On a non medical side,

  • learning to filter your information and ‘advice’ from fellow colleagues.
  • knowing how much better it feels to not committing the mistakes yourself
  • to not procrastinate (malangnya, nasi sudah jadi separuh bubur)
  • to always introduce myself to the patient as a doctor CLEARLY (gaya sondol nametag ke muka)

Most importantly I managed to give a more effective fundal aid this time during Caesarean section. Phew!

Speaking of the last point (introducing oneself), I couldnt stress this any further especially when patients start to call you ‘misi’. Not that I gila status and demands a recognition or anything. its just that some patients tend to react to you differently when you’re a doc/nurse. 

On a normal occasion, I dont really mind being called ‘adik’ or ‘misi’ but when Im  on-call + freakingly lethargic + faced with blardy rude patient … I just couldnt tolerate any nonsense. Like when patient ORDER you to kutip their baju from the lantai, mengerang mcm nak mampus bila aku masuk bilik walhal when there’s nobody around, relax je tgk TV. Pliss ok.. no pseudopain whatsoever.. Or the time when they would say, ‘Misi.. please call the doctor’. Aduh… menyirap darah aku. And then when I ask ‘What do you want?’ while trying to make my nametag VISIBLE, some may still insist on seeing a doc until a ‘goldfish memory’ event takes place and they’re happy with the pain relief gas Im giving them.  

Room 7 was beginning to creep me out. Eversince people point out the fact that patients tend to get posessed mentally unstable in that room, I had begun to feel goosebumps all over when reviewing patients in that room. Its because a particular old-folk story come to mind. About how theres this ‘hantu’ that likes to kacau pregnant ladies. They stalk you when you’re alone. They lurk at the windows, cladded in black gown with eerie long hair. I dont know what they want. Probably blood. Ghost always do. *insert dramatic scream here*
And Ive been humming to this song so often last night  although I dont even know what the title is..the tune just came..
And semalam Doc Marisa belanja KFC.. thank you!!!
PS : I wanna see bunny..


1. daju - March 10, 2009

scarry ok room 7
nice song..
love it too..

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