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:: Snippets March 15, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

Heres the thing.

#1 If you tak puas nangis or marah at someone, you’d better finish off the business at one go. If not, you’d suffer from a feeling of tak puas hati or just ‘berat’ whenever you come into contact with that person. So just releasekan perasaan tuh at one go.

#2 On last night call I was the Insulin Sliding Scale Queen. Ntah berapa kali tah asyik prepare the regiment. Haha ha. 10 mmol of KCL + 500ml Dextrose as continouse infusion AND  50 IU Actrapid + 50Mls NS as the sliding infusion. And Im beginning to enjoy suturing womens torn perineum during delivery. like.. what?

#3 Being a houseman, most of the time we are looking for seniors we would like to emulate .. I’ve just found one. The Praying Mantis. Looking for more.

#4 A lecturer from UNImas, who was once a paedatrician now working in Public Health laid out a career path for me if I choose to come and join her force in Unimas. She was visiting her niece who was in labour in the wards and I happened to be assessing her niece. Now I understand the difference between Compulsary Service and Bond. The 10 years I have with JPA is my bond.. my compulsary service is 3 years. Its makes a whole lot of difference realizing that..

#5 27hb March.. a day to look forward to.


1. bzz - March 15, 2009

#1…. Betulllah sangat tuh. Saya setuju
*angkat tangan

2. daju - March 16, 2009

dah watch the movie?

3. Minci 先生 - March 16, 2009


yezza!! and i lurved it to bits 😛

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