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:: Kama Minci March 16, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Housemanship Training.

Me? Single/ Nulliparous/ Non Sexually Active …. Giving copulation tips?  

A very young mother ( 21 yo) came in with contraction pain. And after the usual questions in establishing other signs and symptoms of labour and features of urinary tract infections .. I came to the last line of the ‘history taking template’.

[translated from Sarawakian to English]

Any recent massages or falls?
“No” she said
Recent intercourse with husband?
“No,we havent had any eversince I got pregnant”

And she’s like 6 months pregnant! Automatically I said,

“Really? Eyyy.. you can even do it while pregnant you know.. tak per.. use proper and comfortable position for you …” (this is the part when I knew Im on the verge of going to say something stupid and am trying my best to stop myself from making that happen.. especially when privacy is not 100% there)

To which I did.

If I havent … I would have added,

“… like spooning.. “

I suppose this couple havent heard of KamaSutra.



1. Puteri Nad =) - March 17, 2009

gila dahsat pengetahuan kak min ni

2. hafiz - March 17, 2009

erk, even I don’t know about this. In fact, I wouldn’t be recommending anything about this since i think it is a taboo in Malaysia.

3. Pok Deng - March 17, 2009

This isn’t a taboo anymore here in Malaysia. Of course here’s a little bit different with the use of extra metaphorical terms to describe certain sexual matters like ‘keris and sarung’ or ‘celak dan sarung’ or ‘jantung pisang’ or anything like that.

But I got a story to share regarding this pregnant thing (of course, sex –> pregnant) in a public hospital somewhere in Trengganu.

A wife who had been suffering painful contraction due to pregnancy went for her monthly check-up. But before that she met a nurse in duty. Few clinical conversations had been going (Minci knows what the hell this is) and until the nurse asked the pregnant mother.

“Anak ke berapa dah ni?”
“11” She replied.

And the nurse suddenly burst out something humiliating;
“Terowong ke???!!!” (Well you know how I hate nurses in Trengganu’s general hospital. Once my friend grabbed a collar of one of them and shouted real good down her throat for not allowing him to swab his father’s bleeding knees due to a car accident and the nurse offered him ‘lemme do it after this.’ But when few hours after that, he came back to the ward, his father was still did not receive any treatment with the nurses giggling like a starting car engine, watching TV with the colleagues. And he began to work up by the grabbing the collar of one of them.)

And the mother sobs in tears, telling her husband who is some sort of an important figure in the Police Department. He went to the hospital and confronted the nurse, shouting and threatening her real good ‘I’m gonna make you working in the rural area for all I care.”

Pucat muka nurse tu.

And that’s the story goes. Padan muka.

P/s: Dr. Minci yang comel harus menjaga tatatertib beliau ketika menjadi doktor.

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