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:: My oncall ‘bedroom’ March 17, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

“Dr Minci Os Full in Room 12!”

(In layterm it means my pintu rahim is fully dilated to allow delivery of a baby)

Then I heard the nurses burst out in fits of laughter. How cute. Suka nak mainkan aku.

Room 12 is my self-declared port to have a shut-eye. The room itself is never used for deliveries, just for CTG recordings for mothers going through the admission counter. So its kinda clean with a breath of much fresher air compared to our very own HO room.


I can adjust the bed to any height or lie. Switch off the lights. Then just cuddle up underneath one or two warm blankie and sleep like the newborn babies. Tunggulah nanti I pindahkan my toileteries plak to this room. Miahahaha~




Im on passive call tomorrow. Lets just hope I dont faint again.



1. koko - March 18, 2009

seems like a spooky room

2. daju - March 18, 2009

comel gile babies..
cepatla my friends sume kahwen ade babies..
takpun plzz my sister ade new babies..

3. Minci 先生 - March 20, 2009

it can be spookyyyyyyyyyyy

comey sgt2!!!

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