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:: Bako Beckons March 21, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Travel.

Bako National Park

I was keen to go to Bako for one thing – the bearded pig. And whoa it was a massive animal. Too bad the photo cant seem to be uploaded. Massive as in if I stand next to it, its slightly taller. See????

With full excitement…

Us to the ranger : We saw babi janggut makan rumput tadi!
Ranger : Rumput ? (with a puzzled expression on his face) Babi mana ada makan rumput.. dia makan cacing tuh

Iyerghhhhhhhh …


Siapa berani tampar hantu?

 An odd name for a plant. I had a look at the tree and still had a tough time figuring how it got its scientific name which later translates as ‘Tampar Hantu’.


Periuk Kera

The other members of this Bako Fellowship was telling me that some communities in Sarawak uses this periuk kera to cook rice. Once the rice is cooked, the greenish colour of this plant would turn to purple. And when I say cook, it means masak atas api ok…


Part of the waterfall

We were told that it was safe to drink the water from the waterfall. The reddish colour is the iron in it (hence, authentic mineral water?) We were also advised to just drink it as it is for if we were to boil the water, it’ll taste weird.

The best part of the trip was the boat ride. The air was soooo fresh!

Boat trip


1. daju - March 22, 2009

periuk kera bkan ade mcm racun2 ke..xsure..
one of the ways nk pertahankan diri..

the waterfall sgt cantek..
nk tgk babi janggut..ahaks

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