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:: Hyperemesis Callism March 24, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

Balkoni kehidupan

A passive callers view from the balcony of the ward. This was about 2 AM I think. Although I managed to get more minutes of sleep compared to my previous passive call, the sleep was not sound. My brain even had the time to play games with me.

Brain conjured a nightmare. Brain created a dream of which I had to sleep on a pinkie with blood smeared on it. On top of that, Brain existed an unknown mean Specialist who decided that he still wants to make a ward round with NIL patients inside. like.. what the? Can you not let me doze off in peace.

The nightmare was one thing. My patience was also tested by a particular young mother. I am never one who would ‘tsk’ at patients nor raise my voice but last night was just too much. An experience so menyakitkan jiwa dan raga that I had to walk out of the room and allow other staff to assist the senior doc in handling the situation. I understand that pain in labour is very very excruciating and hospital staff would do their best to help ease the pain by offering pain killers and give motivational stances but once a patient decides to ingkar the advice and memerintah tak tentu pasal, memegang, menepis, memicit tangan aku yang kerdil , tarik baju hingga nak rabak sebab nk tahan sakit – its just too much. I’ve told her to hold on to the side of the bed, she keeps on grabbing me and tarik my baju. So please.. talk to the hand. I left.

Only to be in contact with and equally nauseating experience.

The next lady was leaking liquor and was having candidiasis at the same time. When you’re on call the whole night, starved of food , deprived of sleep, the threshold to face that smell lowers as well. I had to wear a mask. I had to pretend that the smell didnt matter. Although.. I could actually feel my body reacting to the insult by slowly relaxing my pyloric sphincters causing vomitus to creep up my oesophagus slowly.

Even now I feel that I need to muntah betul2 before I could feel totally better. But to vomit voluntarily is seksa juga. Arghh.



1. tokasid - March 26, 2009

Salam Minci

Kesiannya….Now I want to ask you a question: Pernah tak deliver baby and mother’s stool at the same time? And after everything is over go and take your delayed(and cold) hospital food in the pantry.

Obstetric is the most tension and tiring and killing posting you can get but its the most satisfying posting too. If you can handle labour rom madness, you can handle any emergencies.

Selamat ber- on-call.

2. Minci 先生 - March 27, 2009

yes.. we often nickname the mothers stool as ‘the twin’.. ha ha ha
that was what one of my MOs told me.. you will go out of O&G as a very responsible person…

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