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:: Scalp and scalpel March 29, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Housemanship Training.

RM 15O + 2 hours later … half of my worries and depression were washed away.

Song : Tercipta Untukku
Ungu feat. Rossa

I had so many reasons to be depressed;

  • Im overtly ill with a high temperature and bunged up nose
  • I will be on-call with this demam thing going on.. huwarghhh
  • My logbook… rasa nak bakar je bley
  • My procedures list.. nk pam masuk toilet?
  • Im supposed to have an uneventful flight home in the near time but my specialist suddenly have this seminar going on and he’s threatening to hunt absentees … urgh.. tk mau!!!
  • I dont know where to shop for furniture and a big whiteboard.. the type people use for lectures. I nak buat bilik study I macam bilik gerakan perisik bley..

I would have gone to Wisma Saberkas to my usual ah-moi for my monthly hair treatment but I figured I need an air of change. So I hopped over to The Spring and went to the one and only hair salon there – X something. Matilah tak ingat nama kedai. I just ingat my hair stylists name je … Gary.

Gary and The Boss had a look at my hair, selak sana selak sini before The Boss finally came with a conclusion.

“You dont need hair treatment my dear.. your hair is fine. Very fine. Natural curls?”

I nodded.

“Perhaps you’d like to do some scalp treatment. Does your hair fall off during showers? Blablablablaa… “

Like I care much of the consultation. I just needed to be pampered. So there I was sat in front of the big Diva-ish mirror with spotlights, a big steamed cocoon on my head, flicking through women magazines, engaging into small chats with Gary.. la la la la.

The head massage was awesome. Best giller. Boleh tertidur kat situ jugak. Nasiblah maintain ayu. Well.. more like trying to maintain kawaii-ness. I overheard one of the staff asking each other , “Sure kah Malay?” Ohhhh.. terboost sekejap tahap kegedikan daku. Malah, rating Kawaii dirasakan sgt tinggi melangit at the time. No wait, maybe its my EXotic Rating.. miahahhaa~

But really at the end of the day, only half the burden is washed away … and we still have to live for the coming days to shoulder the other half of it. Arghhh.. tak mau oncall. Terasa awan semakin gelap. Muekekeke~

Tempat menyambut 'tetamu' ke wad bersalin

Tempat menyambut 'tetamu' ke wad bersalin




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