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:: Work and Play April 1, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Housemanship Training.

I find O&G interesting having been in this posting for like almost 4 months now. Housemanship seems to shed a different sort of light to this specialty and things are not like what it seems when I was in medical school. Honestly, before I came to this posting.. I dont recall learning anything (at least in a formal setting) about Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension (PIH), Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) or even PostPartum Haemorrhage (PPH). I dont remember knowing these things as conditions that bear importance in pregnancy. Though in PBL sessions, we discuss about say, macrosomic babies.. we did not go into depth into what GDM really is. How it happens et cetera…

But thats how it is learning O&G overseas. They are tailored to the practice of medicine in their local setting. Housemanship in the UK does not require their HOs to do O&G rotations. Hence… the lack of knowledge in this branch of medicine. In fact, one Obstetrician said to us, “Just learn for the sake of learning”

Still, my HOD in this hospital did say,

“I know that all of you are capable of learning more”

Thus I will learn and ‘sponge’ in what I can.

So whats nice about O&G?

  • The variety. Its a fusion of two disciplines – medicine and surgery.
  • It works closely with women. Its always the story that comes with the patients that is interesting. Young mothers, elderly primigravidas, women who dont mind having really heavy periods for years. Often I find myself questioning the motivations behind some women who still get pregnant in unlikely circumstances.Or why Mrs A takes all the trouble to come to hospital, only to refuse medical treatment. Or just to find myself feeling grateful that my life is not like other women who are unfortunate to perhaps live in isolated places or bearing illegitimate children.

I cant think of anything extra. However, as interesting as it may seem … I dont think Im cut out to be part of this specialty. Its very ‘active’ and demands a lot of stamina. Plus, things can be bitchy when you have too many females working within close viscinity to each other. If you’re not the bitch, someone else will be the one for you. It can even affect male staff, hence Double Bitchiness. For men can be morons from Mars.

Still.. ntahlah. This is only my first posting. I have yet to see for myself what a Paedatricians life is going to be about. If its of an equal terror to O&G, I might as well become a Radiologist or Anaesthetist. The thing is …

In the UK, Anaesthesia and Radiology alongside with Opthalmology and Dermatology are described as specialties that brings on the R.O.A. D to happiness. Doctors coming from this line of work are generally considered to be happy and chirpy beings or so as I’ve witnessed in the UK. Problem is..

I dont see it the same here. I find that Radiologist and Anaest MDs are regarded as horrors and ferocious. A very different impression you see. Another thing, if in the UK, its the NeuroSurgeon who call themselves God.. here its the Anest who are dubbed by other specialties as the Maha Anaest – like they’re all powerful and full of dictatorship. Huwargh.. kenapa ini macam maaa

Anyway, putting that all aside; (dates for my social calendar)

  • Miss Tulips wedding reception on the 4th of April in Ampang
  • David Archuleta coming to see me Malaysia on the 8th of April
  • Siti Nurhaliza is holding a Grand Concert at Istana Budaya sometime in June to celebrate her 14 years of life in the entertainment industry. I wanna go!!!!
  • Sisters engagement ceremony sometime in June
  • ? Rainforest Festival
  • Kuching Art Festival sometime in September/August
  • ‘Ward party’ at Merdeka Palace in August
  • Cuti2 Brunei/Kota Kinabalu in 2nd attachment


Anything else?



1. marisa - April 5, 2009

rainforest fest will be on the 11 and 12th july! make sure you’re x oncall on dat day….!!!

2. Minci 先生 - April 6, 2009

ok.. ok.. akan masuk calendar dinding akuuuu..

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