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:: Rejuvenating April 6, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Song : Semalam dan sebelumnya
Artist : NIKKI

My leave this time is slightly more rejuvenating. I get to finish one fiction (Haruki Murami’s : After Dark) and listen to good music over and over again. Nikki’s HAWA album is so worth it! And of course life is not complete if I hadnt driven my brothers over the wall with PCDs Jai Ho being replayed over and over again.

I’ll be finishing my posting probably by the end of this month. I have yet to receive the “You’re extended’ phone call from the office. This is of my own doing obviously – sending in my logbook late. Ntahlah.. some friends say Im laid back. Others call me plain crazy “Min..selagi blh kuar.. kuarlah” they say. The way I look at it..

Im first, in no hurry. Secondly, I just feel I havent learnt enough. Third, maybe because Im not ready to make that transition to the Bone Department.

One of my senpai sensei was saying the other day that once I’ve finished my rotation in this discipline, I will come out as a very responsible person. I have yet to put all my values to test but it would be nice if it was true. Then, I should have a smooth sailing attachment. I’ve got 5 more branches of medicine to complete and the only 2 Im looking forward to experience is A&E and Paedatrics. If both sucks, I might just go to something way out of the major stream.. like Opthalmology et cetera.

Speaking of test…

Life throws to us challenges from time to time right? Some are designed as an exposure to  a new experience. Others to strengthen a skill that we have at hand whereas some are laid out in such a way to make us re-think of our principles in life.

I feel one coming…

And it might just be aimed towards the latter.





1. ahmad fadzli (tempe1543) - April 12, 2009

soo, lepas ni posting apa? ortho yek? rilek posting tu… mesti nkau suka nyer…

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