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:: Mini mind purge April 12, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176, Housemanship Training.

I like the working environment in here, everyone is helping one another …

Those were the words of one of my new working colleagues. He said his previous posting were made up of very selfish people whereas here in labour ward, theres always people at hand to help. Nak je aku cakap, yelah.. kau kerja ngan aku.. cuba kau kerja ngan orang lain? Undeniably, there are a few who only knows how to save their own ass.

Much of my working ethics are based on what I feel and what I see my colleagues do. Once, I saw my senior houseman coming to work early to relieve others who are on-call and thought it was good practice. Very kind. Though not everyone has the same feeling when Im on-call, I just hope that with repetitive example-setting, it will get through to their heads.

Apart from that, I like to think that if we were to guide people in doing their job well, it will not only help them and yourselves in getting the task list done. It’ll also make the specialist happy –> less bombing sessions –> HO enjoys coming to work –> will learn even more to make their specialist happy –> and the happy cycle goes on.


Good things come to those who are least expecting it

Lots of Little Minci’s were delivered last night. By that I mean, the babies I sambut. Haih, masa aku tak perlu isi logbook, melambaklah peluang yang ada untuk sambut baby. There was one particular mother who was witty in character.

Just like any other mothers in labour, she was in deep pain. But she killed the frustration by cracking up jokes. I ended up laughing my heart out by her bedside. She was initially kept in view for a Caesarean section because of her poor progress but God was merciful and within the next 5 hours she magically progressed from an os dilated at 2 cm to full.

The nurse in charge and myself stayed with her as she concentrated all her energy in pushing the little Minci out. Once the bundle of joy was  born, she said,

“Mintak maaflah doktor.. misi.. saya buat lawak bodoh bebanyak”

We both said we didnt mind. In fact, stated our joy in caring for her throughout the intrapartum period. Her baby was a girl. Her first baby girl as she’s already had 2 sons. After drying the baby and allowing her to bond with the child, I decided to make my exit as I had other patients to review. I was few steps to the door when she called out,

“Im going to call her *Minci*. A name just like yours” 

And that made my day.


1. shank - April 12, 2009

so nama baby tu Nur Minci ke Siti Minci?

haha…so sweet…

a good and happy working environment akan menyebabkan ko rase happy..

2. daju - April 13, 2009

comel & sweet la the mother..

3. Minci 先生 - April 13, 2009

it will be Minci Ak something2

she is the very happening type.. so cute.

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