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:: Bangsa Malaysia ada di Sarawak.. April 13, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

You know whats very beautiful about Sarawak? The people are like a mini-version of Bangsa Malaysia. When they start speaking in the same language i.e. Bahasa Melayu Sarawak, they automatically see beyond race and religion. Even if you’re cladded in a tudung or anything, you can feel the warmth of the people who sees you as only you. I cant really explain but thats the truth.

You cant tell if ones an Iban or Bidayuh. Malay even. And even a Chinese. You could still differentiate an Indian physically but if you were to speak over the phone with them, you cant really tell. All of a sudden the name is Virmala.

You’d have an Iban with Francis or James as their name. Or Mary. But their appearances is like any other Malay you bump into in KL. You thought Siti was a Muslim until she orders Pork chop mee. And it turns out that theres lots of Pang Chin Fei in Sarawak. People are just not what they seem to be .. ha ha

In labour room one day,

We had a patient from Semenanjung. She was here in Sarawak following her husband who was working in the army. Her contractions were really strong and her cervix was fully effaced with a really large Os. There were about 4 of us in the room at the time. One a Malay (myself), 2 Ibans and 1 Bidayuh nursing staff.

When one of the nurses asked of the ‘whens’  her pain started, the patient took quite a pause before finally saying, “sometime after Asar” which was met by an automatic howl of laughter from all 4 us. (seeing that this situation has happened before with Semenanjung patients)

One of the nurses then replied, “Manalah kita tahu Asar itu pukul berapa.. adoi.. “

So, see? We all sound so alike to each other that one cant tell your exact race.



1. Pok Deng - April 13, 2009

so true. I got a friend named nur syuhada binti james. She’s a christian. A melanau.

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