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:: Tomorrow never dies April 14, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

I am so tired I could cry. The manpower in my ward is so imbalanced at the moment that I feel like I am on-call everyday. I come by at 615 everyday, work full swing ,only to finish everything by 6 pm (at least).

It used to be manageable working in this ward but lately with most of the senior HOs leaving.. I am left all alone to do the jobs.

I told one of the HOs who is on call today to come on time after office hours for his shift. I told him that Im oncall tomorrow and it would be nice if he could come by early to relieve me. Instead, he said, “Alah.. you oncall tomorrow and then next day you can sleep what.. “

Upon hearing that, I could almost feel my blood pressure going up. Its like bulls***. I dont think any other HOs in the other wards had any idea of what Im dealing with everyday. I had to sacrifice my clinic times just because I was the only senior HO available in this particular ward to ‘look after the back’*. Sacrifice meaning.. I get called back by the MOs to get away from  these clinics or daycare centres just so I could cover the back.

Theres only 2 fully functioning HO in this ward. Taggers doesnt count. So it is definitely like oncall everyday. How am I ever going to sleep if my other colleague is also post call and in the same ward? S*** kan? And already I’ve got like 2 needle pricks in one week. Clean needles that is.

On top of all the workload, Im stressed because Im frustrated that I cannot correct the mistakes made by the new generation of HO’s effectively. Im double stressed because there’s 2 Minci’s in the ward and mistakes commited by the other sometimes backfires at me. Im triple stressed because I have yet to achieve some targets. Im quadrupled stressed because I’ve got 8 on-calls this month. Im  5 times stressed because I cannot do anything to change the other stress factors.

Urgh …  5 more on-calls to go and why do I always get the busy days and weekends? Fish.





1. kasyah - April 15, 2009

dude, face that challenges. yala, its not easy to talk than to be done..but i know thats should not be a big problem for u yay. .. i can only smile. let ur sage-mode release.

2. ahmad fadzli - April 17, 2009

just take it in stride min, these 2 years are the only truly stressful time in your life, after this it would be smooth sailing…. just put on a poker face and do what is needed… i’m sure you’ll make it…

3. marisa - April 18, 2009

alala…kesiannyer… do like we do those time when we’re stressed…



sabar…sabar… 😛

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