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:: With you April 17, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.

Song : Ingin bersamamu

By Minci

Inilah bahana meroyan sebelum oncall esok. Sumbatkan telinga, biarlah daku bersayu di dunia sendiri.

It will be my 5th call (yay.. another 3, then Im off) and I intend to make it a point to make sure I know how to scan a patient coming with a history suggestive of an ectopic. It should be very useful once Im in A&E.

Im thrilled that Im getting more help in the wards at the moment. At least, I can take a breather now and then and try to absorb some of the on-the-spot teaching. In my next posting, Id probably take like a day off once in a while just so I could so some studying and enforce on my knowledge. Also do my laundy, get decent groceries, perhaps start cooking again. Man.. the skills getting rusty and I soooo miss the times when I could labour in a decent amount of effort and love in baking cakes.

Haih haih haih.

Speaking of love, why is it that Im having all this flutters? Oh.. cause of unfinished business.

You asked me what stuff. I just giggled (over the other side of the computer of course). Uncertain of spilling all the beans. Unprepared for what the circumstances may ensue. I guess I owe you a hint. Without it, you cant pay for your parking ticket.




1. Puteri Nad =) - April 17, 2009

la la la la la
happy oncalling..

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