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:: Say aunty!! April 20, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Housemanship Training.

I was in my scrubs and had the short sleeves rolled up when one of my senior colleagues passed a comment which roughly translates as,

“You’re so small, yet Im surprised you have muscles”


I just had to pause and look at the biceps myself. Not that I’ve noticed the change myself. Walawey… Im definitely in the best weight-loss and muscle building programme ever – O&G.

Months of

  • walking to and fro to the labour rooms and supply rooms for amniotic hooks, VE sets, fluids, cannulas, Foley catheters (I must check my quads later)
  • retracting abdomens in surgery
  • doing difficult VEs
  • lifting babys heads out of the vagina




1. Danial - April 20, 2009


2. Puteri Nad =) - April 22, 2009

bolehla lawan tangan lepas ni

3. inquisitor - April 22, 2009

woman with muscles. is that a good thing?

4. kakfiza - April 22, 2009

selain tu..tolong angkat kepala patient mase pushing
tu pon senaman biseps yg sgt bagus

p/s: how r u my dear? (* _ *)

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