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:: Sleepless in Kuching April 22, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

It was like a scene from Grey’a Anatomy. Only I didnt have Christina and Izzie to help undress and soap me in the hot shower. There was no bomb explosion either. Only another sleepless night. As I washed the blood of pregnant mothers which managed to seep through my scrubs onto my skin, I began to reflect on the Good and the Geram things that happened throughout my shift. 

The Good

  • Managing a utËrine inversion. Ironically I had just asked a question regarding this obstetric emergency to my MO earlier in the morning out of curiosity. Dasar mulut masin, padan muka malam dapat satu kes. I still have to read on the Sullivan method though.
  • I discovered a new way of repairing an episiotomy when I observed my Ibu Specialist (so called because she has this motherly face) doing one. Instead of using the visible sort of jahitan on the surface, she did it subcutaneously. A technique I have yet to experiment.
  • There were so many vacuum deliveries that I think I could manage one if I was in the district hospitals.
  • Im oncall with colleagues that I could mostly rely on.

The Geram

  • The new ‘tigers’ are in town. It kind of reminded me of the time when I was one myself. New to the ward. Alien to the whole thing. The only problem is that none of the senior HOs in the ward at the moment, including myself was like Sensei Rama-Rama. Sensei Rama2 knew how to direct people. Put his feet down. I ajar orang pun its like they dont want to listen. I knowlah experienced HOs but seriously you dont bring your work attitude from previous department to here. Sangat tak patut. Im soft, I know. It a weakness Im working on. The tigers leave for home before the appointed time. Some arrive late. Berehat tanpa had. like hello… if it was with Sensei Fauziah Latiff, lagi terseksa masa jadi anak rimau nih tau. Showing no interest in wanting to get to know your colleagues. Haih.. penatlah asyik aku je kan yang nak bertegur sapa. Ada soranglah yang sangat2 annoying. and then lagik nak marah staff nurse. Like s***.  Haih.. sabar2.
  • Whenever Miss Panic is on duty, my VE findings are always wrong in her eyes and my sutures tend to breakdown. Like.. omggggggggg… apa dosa aku
  • We also had Keli-Won moments. Its The Vocab at the moment used among midwives in the night shift to describe bizarre events in the ward. Room 8 for some reason keep accommodating problematic mothers.

EOD calls are just … *Sigh*




1. nomad - April 23, 2009

this show is intense

2. alanany - April 23, 2009

hi it is nice video

3. daju - April 24, 2009

dah tgkkk north & south abesss..
aaa..sweettt last2 tuh..
though mcm expected sket and mcm agak kurang logic dia boleh jmpe kt train station plak..

but anyways….Fredrick tuh kacakk sgt la.. =)
watched with an american friend..she agreed too!

4. marisa - April 26, 2009

lucky for me, my tigers during my time were those newly born like you and the frenly people from prev posting i.e stella…grace…jamie….peter….


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