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:: Irony April 26, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

A HO works seven days a week. We all know that. While most of us complain of feeling tired, I came to realize a bigger effect on some of us.

Eversince I started working, I havent been able to go to church on Sundays for mass.

That was one of my Christian friends said and it made me think of how ironic it was to be in a profession often regarded by the public as ‘mulia’, yet we sometimes put ourselves ( or are forced to without having a choice ) in a position where we are unable to practice the basic principles of our belief.

In fact, coming from other peoples experience … its surprising how people like Dr House gets into the system and terrorizes everyone else around.

The pain in mine has subsided. Thankfully.


I still want a TV

I still want a TV



1. Tidak Mahu Di Kenali - April 26, 2009

sudah balik Malaysia?
baru start jadi HO ker?

im the same guy yang crave ur kari hijau.

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