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:: Dead on arrival April 27, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

My morning started with a shocking experience. Two nurses wheeled in a lady into our ward for delivery. Her os was fully dilated and without further ado was directed to put the lady in one of the vacant rooms. There were no designated nurses in the room and th eones that sent her to us cheekily scurried away without verbally conveying to me what the case was about. Tak sempat nak tanya sudah blah.

Eyy.. case note mana??

So, seeing that the labia was already parted, I put on my gloves and requested help from a nearby midwife to assist in the delivery. The first thing I noticed was feet.

Sh**! Sh**! Sh**! was the only verb in my head at the time. It was a breech baby.

The midwife immediately exclaimed, “hah.. Dr Minci bolehlah ambik case”

I was helpless. I felt inadequate and I did what I thought was best. I said to the midwife, “Kak.. tolong ajar saya.. “

To which she did. In the meantime, the casenotes magically appeared and the 2nd shock was to discover that the patient was 30 weeks into her pregnancy. Before I could yell, “Call paeds..” a gush of brownish fluid splurted out. A loud verbalised ‘SHI*!’ came out instantaneously. I just had to apologise for my french.

The final shock was to realise that the baby had macerated skin and soon enough I discovered that I am delivering a dead baby. One who have died sometime ago in the womb.

Honestly, I still couldnt get over the fact of pulling the floppy deformed baby out of from the mothers vagine. It felt strange. Unnatural. And having to show the dead baby’s gender to the mother. Urgh .. get the image out of my head!!



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