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:: A 3rd language? May 1, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

My MO said,

“You’d better learn Chinese Minci.. or you’d be left behind”

How true. Actually I’ve always had the interest to take up Chinese (more specifically Mandarin) as my 3rd language but I dont really know the hows to do it.  In fact, when I was a student in Manchester, I joined Mandarin class for the first 2 year sof uni. then, my lao shi had to leave for home (China) because she was a student herself. I had no teachers then. and I’ve forgotten almost everything I learn.

Still I decided to not allow myself to forget how to pronounce the words. The spelling and pronunciation of the words doesnt correlate with each other sometimes. Hence, I listen to chinese songs and being a little diva in my own world, Id sing along to it over and over again till I could memorise half of the song or something.

Once, my Reg’s phone went off. The ringtone was Guang Liang’s ‘Tong hua’. Immediately I recognised the song and he asked, “You speak Mandarin ah?”

Of course not. Karaoke sorang2 dalam bilik bley? Ha ha ha

I think being in Kuching would be a great opportunity to just spark that interest in the language again. Especially when majority of my colleagues are made up from those who speaks this language very well. And hopefully not being a parrot that cakap saja, but understands it well enough.



1. maymay - May 1, 2009

layan lagu beyond 😀

2. miyaki - May 14, 2009

yeah! aku pon ingat nak belajar mandarin, or myb cantonese relevent to history taking ke at least..still trying to find a way yg berkesan..ad dok survey rosetta stone tp agak costly..but i’ll let u know klu ad more info

btw, aku br abis osce smlm, esok pmp, snin ni prog. smlm adlh osce yg pelik, huhu, tp ok kot insya Allah, doakan aku byk2 pls

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