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:: Perasaan Puaka May 2, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

You know what your problem is?
Everything you do is last minute

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. my problem is Im too kind. In truth, BItch Bersalut keBaikan. dont eyeball me. Housemanship turns good women into BBB’s. Argh.. sekarang mood sangat puaka. A very unexplainable suffocating feeling not relieved by the onset of menses, retail therapy nor comfort food.

Its like theres a schizophrenic side of Minci, the rebellious and nasty type that is just struggling to get out from the good side into the evil side.

I cannot identify this new perasaan. I recognise jealousy, anger and sadness. And I have worked through those feelings before. But this … I dont know. Perasaan Puaka.. wujud ker?

Being a typical lady, when faced with a heavy and troubling feeling, or if they’re faced with a big change.. they’d go for the hair. Hair is a big deal to women. Its somehow represents what they are in one way or the other. For instance, once when I was totally angry and frustrated, I snipped off my well-kept ‘ many years’ lock of hair into a pixie cut. It served as a symbolic gesture to demonstrate the amount of despair I had up to a point that I was willing to just cut my hair off.

so yes, its come to that again.. this new feeling is just killing me…




1. miyaki - May 14, 2009

i also think tu reason aku cut hair aku rempang after everyone left…nasib baik fiza ad, klu tak, botak terus per

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