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:: Pic – pocket May 2, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

I really dont know how to react. Am I supposed to be flattered or should I contact the person and claim credit to my profile photo?

I am now 'Ieyda?'

I am now 'Ieyda?'

It would have been different if say I was a mini-cleb or a List C artiste or something .. but Im just a commoner. A normal Malaysian.

Anyway, if you ever see a pic of that lady in black tudung in anybody’s profile.. know that the rightful person is me.. MINCI!!!



1. kakfiza - May 2, 2009

dia peminat kamen la tu
mungkin dia igt tu gamba celeb mne ntah yg kamen curi letak as profile pic


2. daju - May 2, 2009

mcm mane boleh mcm tu..or he googled for some image and found the pic and thought it’s a public pic..

3. hafiz - May 3, 2009

i think you should confront that person and tell that picture has copyright.

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