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:: Camnilah May 3, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

When I first heard the Coke advert on radio, I thought they sang ‘Jamilah.. jamilah’. Arabic for cantik. It turned out to be ‘Camnilah.. ‘. Cesss..

me like


Im trying to feed my brain with happy thoughts. In preparation for my transition as an ortopod. Unfinished business. Perjalananku masih jauh. Sangat jauh. Jauh sangat.

Gila. Kenapa aku tak jadi penulis je.

Tukang jahit ke.

Itu aku tahu boleh buat. Dengan baik. Agak baik.

Cik andam ke. Speaking of andaman … Im appointing myself as my sista’s official make-up artist on her engagement day next month. OMG.. next month. This means I’ll be getting my ring as well. *sigh*

Siapa nak gi Brunei angkat kaki!!!




1. marisa - May 10, 2009


2. miyaki - May 14, 2009

sy pon!! tp sy takde duit

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